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​​‘Majhi Metro’ to go green with Vertical Gardens

Pune, April 20: Curtailing the global warming issues faced by the country, Dr.Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director of Maha Metro announces that the pillars of Metro Rail will be covered with plants and will be decorated with vertical gardens. This will be the very first time in the county when Metro Rail will take rides on these decorated green tracks built in and around Nagpur city. This will not only upgrade beautification of the orange city but will also provide relief to the citizen from the polluted environment. These vertical gardens will provide more oxygen as well as will create scenic beauty for the Metro Rail passengers.

Maha Metro aims to provide better connectivity to Nagpurakars without harming the beauty of the city and adding extra nutrients to the environment. Under this initiative, the first two pillars which are ready near Nagpur Airport has already started astonishing the onlookers. Adapting the growing culture of Vertical gardens from the western countries, this new concept is a unique gift from Dr. Dixit to the Nagpurkars.

One Plant, One Kg oxygen –

The construction of these pillars has been done in such a way that each pillar contains 1,400 plants. For this the experts have selected such plants which will consume 1,400 Kg Carbon Dioxide and exhale minimum 1kg oxygen within 24 hours. All these plants require low maintenance and the plantation will be done using Geofabric pouch. Each plant consumes 60ml water which will be provided to plants through drip facility. The soil will be nourished with fertilisers which will bemade by using Biological Science technology.

Green corridor –

This new concept is making the pillars look green and colourful while the maintenance of the vertical gardens is also easy to go for. In this entire process of fertilising and providing water, the frame of the pillar will not be affected at all.

Metro adding beauty –

The garden has been decorated with plants like Euphorbia, Yucca, Thuja, Sansevieria, FicusPanda and many more. In addition, the Geofabric plantation will safeguard the plants and will not affect the strength of the pillar.

Commenting in this initiative, Dr. Dixit said that many cities are developing the Metro Rail route in our country but only Maha Metro is working towards creating green corridor near the tracks. Although the country is seeing many initiatives to protect the environment, addition of vertical gardens will enhance the concept of creating Green Metro. He also added that to develop a healthy, environment and commuter friendly ‘Majhi Metro’, participation from Non-profit organisations and corporate world is also required.


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