7 Tips to Choose Players in IPL Fantasy League Games

27 Jan 2020- Fantasy games are so exciting to play; there are millions of cricket lovers who opt for these games. First time players can enjoy playing this game when they understand the rules and follow the tips to choose a team and create a strategy for the game. Enjoy playing IPL fantasy league 2020 using these tips and win exciting prizes and rewards. Signing up on the fantasy cricket website is free and is easy to register.

  1. Rules to select teams

You get 100 credits to spend. You can use these credits wisely and do not spend all of them within a few minutes of playing in a single match. Every IPL team has 11 players. You can choose the top four batsmen, two bowlers, one or two all rounder, captain, vise captain, and wicket keeper. This is a good strategy to go with when you choose at the team.

  1. Scoring point system

Every player is assigned points. Captain and wise captain are assigned double points. Runs made are also given points. You get four points when your team makes half-century. Points are also subtracted for duck and other pitfalls during the match. The point system is assigned to bowlers as well as fielders.

  1. Captains are all rounder

Pick captain and wise captains who are all-rounder. This is a smart strategy you can choose when choosing a team. Learn the rules and play smart in these fantasy cricket games to win. When you choose players who are in form your chances of winning are high. Choose players who have more points so your chances of winning are high.

  1. Right pitch

Analyze the pitch conditions and choose the right pitch for the match you want to play. Selecting the right pitch is the most essential for playing a game. Choose a pitch for the batsmen or bowlers depending on the game strategy. 

  1. Use your instinct

It is essential to use your gut when selecting players for IPL fantasy league games in your preferred fantasy cricket app. You can use a variety of tactics in selecting a team that will lead you to winning the game. Since there will be a lot of misses and hits, you can apply various tactics and strategies to win the game.

  1. Stay updated of any changes

Know your players well before choosing them. You must stay updated with the changes in the players so it won’t cost you more money. Choose a player who has featured in these matches as it can let you get more points.

  1. Plan ahead

When creating a team, planning a game strategy, plan at least two games ahead. Choose substitute players for these matches. Plan for all types of scenarios so you will not miss out when the conditions are not in your favor. 


It is fun and exciting to play these games. When you use these tips to choose the right players and teams, you are likely to win more points and win the game.