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A hope from the heaven – Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan


By Mayuresh Bhardwaj

“If you have the will and courage to realise your dreams then sky is the limit.”

Indeed Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan has that will and devoted gesture towards his ultimate goal. Athar is the second topper in this year’s civil services exam results.

A 23 years old boy from a modest village of Anantnag district from South Kashmir has achieved something which glorified his life and made it inspirational for many who want to pursue the same success in life at least once. Now he is among the few from the valley who have secured top spot in civil services examination and perhaps the youngest one.

His view towards life and responsibilities is also making him different from others. According to him being young today calls for being a part of huge transformation that this country is going through. Time is now when youngsters have to decide their role for a bright and secure future of our country for coming 100 years and further. He was never among those who dreamt of being in civil services from their childhood. But, a conflict of gaping schism between this heavenly valley and rest of the country motivated him to set a goal in this way. He now vows to bridge that gap.

The son of a school teacher never had that great exposure to coaching classes and other comforts of life as he is from a lower middle class family. But inspiration of his life is his grandfather and his great self-confidence and belief which helped him conquer this platinum achievement for him.

Before this glorious success he is a B. Tech graduate from IIT Mandi (Himachal Pradesh). He primarily cracked the civil services exam when he was 22 but because of not satisfied with the rank he decided to give it another shot and finally realise his dream in a very extensive way. As he is an IITian he got many juicy offers from multinational firms after he completed his B Tech but, seems like money is the last motivation for him. This is the reason he chose responsibilities over money and hard work over comfort.

This boy from badly injured Kashmir by devastating militancy activities pushed himself so hard that a new chapter is about to begin when he will take that bundle of responsibilities over his young shoulders.

As he is eligible for the prestigious post of IAS officer his philosophy about work is also different from others. He wants to devastate that colonial function of administration and transform it to be easily accessible for masses. He wants to become a catalyst in this functional reaction of system and common people to accelerate the function but without changing himself. He also suggested the same to his counterparts.

“Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan” this name is now become a symbol of inspiration for those who afraid of fatalities of life. Now Athar’s motivational and positive vibes will inspired many aspirants not only from Kashmir but he also become a hope of change for the country.

(Mayuresh Bhardwaj is a journalism student from Indira School of Communication.)

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