Angel Broking goes for a nationwide “Digi-Pitch”

Pune, 20 June 2016: Angel Broking, India’s top retail brokerage and financial services firm, has rolled-out a nationwide “Digi-Pitch” – a unique next-gen innovation that allows the prospective customer to practically choose the channel of interaction across Web (using “Digi-Web”), or on phone (using “Digi-Talk”) or a face-to-face interaction (using “Digi-Tab”) at the customer location. The Digi-Pitch also ensures a unified pitch, tonality and service quality across all touch points.

Angel Broking’s innovative client on-boarding method is enabled by a “Digi-Tab” that uses home-grown software to capture the client data as required by the regulator. A dedicated sales App has been developed and installed on the “Digitabs” that Angel representatives carry with them for client acquisition meetings. The “Digitab” with pre-loaded sales App enables the sales team to get a single view of prospects and customers and keeps the entire team up-to-date with activities, key contacts, and every interaction via SMS, WhatsApp and call.

The App enables Angel Broking sales representative to have an uninterrupted access to the customer profile which is created from information collected from various touch points. This helps in providing a personalized and hassle-free welcome and servicing experience to the customer. Further, its integration with the D-KYC App eliminates the physical customer enrollment documentation as DKYC needs just the Bio-Metric Signature of the Customer. Speedier processing on the field, is then linked with the robust back-end processing mechanism that enables the customer to start Trading in One Hour.

Angel Broking has empowered a ground force of 1000 angels across 132 branches and other  with high-tech D-KYC devices. The firm has achieved nationwide reach by distributing over 1000 such “Digitabs” to its sales force so that they can take these devices to customer’s location and provide them a unique first time experience of biometric based account opening from their home. In the next 3 months, the firm plans to further expand this initiative using its network of over 8000-plus business partners having presence in over 900 locations. This move will enable Angel Broking to reach out to a larger population that is still not exposed to the investing world.


Mr Vinay Agrawal, CEO – Angel Broking Private Limited said: “Client on-boarding in financial services is a cumbersome process. Sometimes, the potential customers get overwhelmed by the lengthy and tedious process that involves extensive documentation and multiple signatures. Angel Broking has always been an early-adopter of technology-based lead generation channels and client on-boarding techniques. From early on, Angel Broking has been a strong advocate of technology as an enabler of business and very clearly, the future is Digital. We would like to leverage technology at every opportunity to make investing a great experience for investors.”

Angel Broking has also recently launched the Digital Know Your Customer (D-KYC) – an ultra-fast first-of-its kind account-opening experience that uses digital signature generated via bio-metric devices. The company has empowered its entire sales force with the high-tech D-KYC devices – a combination of a Digitab, a STQC-approved bio-metric device and homegrown E-KYC software – all working in tandem for a hassle-free, paperless and flawless account-opening experience. In D-KYC, the customer’s thumb impression serves as his Digital Signature and the system auto inserts personal information from the AADHAR database, eliminating customers’ effort and time to plug-in details. With the system being back linked to UIDAI, it facilitates real-time authentication as well as speedy, paperless and flawless account opening.