As the flood situation in Gujarat continued to be grim, Indian Army troops fanned out into affected areas. Swiftly, changing from their combat ready profile to saviors in uniform, the troops are heading to places where the situation is worst. Preparing for day and night deployment away from their barracks, these troops have established themselves at Ramgarh, Tharad, and Deodar in North Gujarat.Moving Flood Victims to safer places

Moving out to areas suffering the maximum, rescue teams evacuated 89 personnel to safer area from village Kuda located approximately 15 km west of Deesa and provided survival items such as food, drinking water and medicines to people stranded in their homes. The teams operating out of Tharad, rescued a total of 144 villagers from Khanpur and Vami located in close proximity. Teams have also redeployed to reach affected areas in Village Dharod in Kutch. Further rescue operations in aid to civil authorities are expected to continue. The state administration in the state of Gujrat is appreciative of the prompt response by the Army Teams who are undertaking rescue missions on a war footing.

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