Bobby Mukherji and Associates designs Lemon Tree Premier hotel in Pune

Pune, 15 February, 2019: After having rebranded the design ethos of the brand and successfully executing the Lemon Tree Gurugram property, Bobby Mukherji & Associates is out with yet another of its offering – The Lemon Tree Premier in Pune. The design shuns the 1990s’ minimalism, opting instead for a rich character. From the lobby and restaurants to the bar and other areas, the hotel is replete with vintage-style details and clubby leather sofas. It’s where the leaders of Pune’s industrial and technology sectors come to unwind after a hard day’s work.


Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra with a glorious past and culture. The hotel reflects this heritage through its loft-style elements, decorative lighting and exposed brick walls painted white. It starts with the larger-than-life lobby that has wall-spanning windows and a grand staircase that spirals its way up to other public areas, made of marble with a blackened iron railing against a fluted wooden backdrop. The hotel has been designed to be a social hub without barriers, it is clothed in earthy neutrals with a pop of singular color and textures that offset the ruggedness of the space and exude warmth.


Bobby Mukherji, chairman & founder of BM&A, said: “When we got the opportunity to work with the Lemon Tree Premier property, we were looking at merging style with simplicity. ‘Nostalgic and modern’ sums up what the New York hotel scene is about at the moment, and this hotel was conceptualized to recreate that. There’s a whiff of nostalgia in this rustic-glam style, varied furniture styling, an oversized vintage light alongside a well-appointed bathroom to name just a few. At BM&A we get into the character of the edifice, which reflects in the end product.”