Diksha Dinde : A World at School Global Youth Ambassador

Diksha A world at schoolThey say that the future of a country is its youth. And that is rightly said but, with many youngsters getting rebellious day by day to express their views can we say the future of our country is secure? Can we dream for a better society? These thought-provoking questions may fill our mind with doubts but there are youngsters working hard day and night to help the society in any way they can. They may not be voicing their opinions by protesting or behaving rebelliously but, instead they are working silently to build a better society. Here’s Diksha Dinde, a 23 year old aspiring young lady whose active participation in a youth-run organisation has made a difference in the lives of many under-privileged children. Punekar News trainee journalist Devina Karnik interviewed Dinde.

Q1. What inspired you to get involved in tackling various social issues and help the underprivileged?

My Parents. They taught me it’s not about getting, it’s about giving. Serve the needy. Life is bigger than YOURSELF, real life’s meaning is found in the service of others.

Q2. At a young age of 23, do you ever feel that you miss out on the fun side of life because of the amount of time you need to devote towards your work? What do you do for leisure?

No, I never felt like that. Because this is the thing I like to do. Working for downtrodden children and making their life easier through ‘Activity Based Learning’, gives me pleasure. I read, and listen to music for my leisure.

Q3. Could you tell us more about ‘A World at School Global Youth Ambassador’ programme and what would be your role in it?

 ‘A World at School Global Youth Ambassador’ programme is a global network of young people campaigning in their country’s schools, communities for the education of every child. These young leaders – should have the interest, passion and dedication to be part of the global education solution. I am a part of this global movement of young people working to education of every child.

I’ve committed to speak up and take action for education in our community.  I am going to represent not only our country or any organizations I’m affiliated with, but also A World At School movement and my fellow ambassadors around the world.

I have received an invitation to apply for this Global Youth Ambassador Programme from A World At School. And then after scrutinising my application I have been appointed as the Global Youth Ambassador for A World At School, in support by the United Nations Secretary General,Ban Ki Moon, and the United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, Gorden Brown.

Q4. Tell us something about ROSHNI and its upcoming projects/events. Also mention your involvement with the organisation.

I am the joint secretary of ROSHNI. ROSHNI is a youth organization focused on providing education and improving health conditions of the children living in the slums and motivating the youth to actively participate in strengthening democracy and building a better India. We are also working together towards the common objective of improving and creating awareness about the health and choices.

Through ROSHNI I’m focused on providing quality education, improving health conditions of underprivileged children and removing the taboo against disability and menstrual hygiene.

As a Global Youth Ambassador, I would like to implement various education policies for the underprivileged children with the help of policy makers. I will emphasis on education of girls and differently abled children.

These are some of my upcoming planned activities :-

-Adult literacy campaign.

-To promote education to girls and underprivileged children.

-To pay special attention towards the difficulties of differently abled and provide them various opportunities to enjoy their rights.( As a differently abled person I am willing to implement this programme on a large scale.).

-Removing taboo against menstrual hygiene.

Q5. On a personal level, how do you feel a common man can play his role in helping the underprivileged and promoting education?

 A common man can raise his voice against authorities to implement various policies for education. Common people can invent their own techniques and use thier own knowledge to pass on as a smooth way to educate their selves as current way of education is less creative to grey areas. Creative learning and most probably, one must aware the under privileged the importance of education in every one’s life. Without awareness no one will understand the importance of education.

Punekar News appreciates Diksha and commends her on her hard work and wishes her well!

If you dream for a better future for your country, it’s time you start working towards it. After all, Actions speak louder than words.