Export of ARMS and Ammunitions 

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Arms and ammunition produced by the domestic ordnance factories are being exported. The details and nature of the arsenals exported during each of last three years country-wise are as under:

Year Country Nature of Items


2013-14 (1)  Nepal Explosives
(2)  Indonesia General Stores & Clothing
(3)  Italy Small Calibre Ammunition
(4)  Czech Republic Small Calibre Ammunition
(5)  Botswana Large Calibre Ammunition
(6)  Tajikistan Small Arms, Small Calibre Ammunition, Grenades.
2014-15 (1)  Nepal Demolition Stores, Small Calibre Ammunition
(2)  Mauritius Small Calibre & Navel Ammunition, Small and Medium Calibre Weapon
(3)  Italy Medium Calibre Weapon
(4)  Egypt Chemical
2015-16 (1)  Indonesia General Stores & Clothing
(2)  Bulgaria Mortar Equipment, Mortar Bomb, Small Calibre Ammunition
(3)  Israel Small Calibre Ammunition
(4)  Bangladesh Signalling Item
(5)  Mauritius Small and Medium Calibre Weapon

The foreign exchange earned during each of the last three years are as under:

Year Foreign exchange earned


2013-14 USD 2.46 Million
2014-15 USD 5.20 Million
2015-16 USD 3.91 Million
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