Financial Management in Chhattisgarh is better than other states : Dr Raman Singh

State Government’s third supplementary budget passed in Vidhan Sabha with voice vote
State’s budget size expands to Rs 74,339 crore

Raipur, 2 March 2016 : Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said that compared to other states of India, Chhattisgarh’s financial management is way better. He expressed these thoughts while answering a question during discussion on state government’s third supplementary budget proposals of current fiscal year 2015-16 in Vidhan Sabha. Chief Minister said that the better financial management in Chhattisgarh has resulted in minimum load of loan on state.

After the Chief Minister’s address, third supplementary grant demands of nearly Rs three thousand 180 crore were passed with voice vote. Dr Raman Singh said that Chhattisgarh’s main budget of fiscal year 2015-16 is of total Rs 67 thousand 546. Including the first, second and today’s third supplement, state government’s budget size for this fiscal year has expanded to Rs 74 thousand 339. He informed that third supplementary budget includes planned expenditure of one thousand 155 crores and non-planned expenditures of Rs two thousand 025 crores. This includes capital expenditures of Rs 136 crore and revenue expenditure of Rs two thousand 404 crore. Chief Minister said that entire third supplementary grant is of Rs three thousand 180 crore, which includes Centre’s share of various schemes and WMA amount of Rs two thousand 076 crore. The state has net debt load of Rs one thousand 104 crore, which is way less that other states of the country.

Chief Minister said- third supplementary budget includes provision of Rs 80 crore for cooperatives bank for waiving off 25 per cent short-term agriculture loans of drought-affected farmers, owing to weak monsoon this year. Dr Singh said- I had announced during winter session of Vidhan Sabha that drought-affected farmers will be given relief in short-term agriculture loans. For implementation of which, short-term agriculture loan relief scheme 2015 has been introduced. Under this scheme, farmers in villages with 50% anawari, who have deposited 75 per cent of the loan amount, have been given option of 25 % loan waiver. Talking rural infrastructure development, Chief Minister said that PMGSY was completely funded by Central Government till recent years, but after the change in sharing pattern of Centre-sponsored schemes, the ratio of Centre and State share has become 60 : 40. As a result of additional allotment from Government of India, provision of Rs 80 crore has been made in third supplementar budget as per the revised ratio of the share.

Chief Minister said that- State Government has issued non-SLR bond for grant to Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company. For this, provision of Rs 870 crore 12 lakh has been made. He told that Central Government has launched ‘Uday’ scheme for improving financial condition and functioning of power distributions companies in different states. Under this scheme, Central Government, State Government and Chhattisgarh Power Distribution Company have signed a tripartite MoU. Debt liabilities of CSPDCL will be restructured for improving its performance. As per this MoU, 75 per cent of the CSPDCL’s outstanding loan amount burden will be on state government, 50% of which will be incurred by state government in current financial year 2015-16. Non-SLR bond has been issued for the purpose. Chief Minister said that as a result of Centre’s additional allotment under Centre-funded National Afforestation Programme, provision of Rs 57 crore has been included in the third supplementary budget. For compensation of the damage caused by wild animals, additional provision of Rs two crore has been made. Dr Raman Singh further told that provision of Rs one crore 40 lakh has been made in the third supplementary budget for maintenance of jammer devices in jails of state. Additional provision of Rs two crore has been made for organizing 20th National Youth Festival in state. Besides, Rs five lakh has been provisioned for establishment cost of Third State Finance Commission constituted by State Government.

He informed that Rs 24 crore 87 lakh have been provisioned for electricity dues of government departments. This amount will be meant for State Power Distribution Company. Indian Institute of Technology is being established in Sirsa Khurd village of Durg district. Premium and land lease rent for the land will be paid by Durg Municipal Corporation. Rs 17 lakh 35 thousand have been provisioned in the third supplementary budget for this purpose. Provision of Rs seven crore has been made in the third supplementary budget for transfer of amount recovered from registration and stamp duty in urban areas. Chief Minister said that Rs two crore have been provisioned in the third supplementary budget for construction of building for State Consumer Distputes Redressal Commission, Raipur and subordinate District Consumer Forum.