First Marathi Hollywood Movie by ‘Saibaba Studios and ‘Samruddhi Cineworld’

22 Feb 2019 , Pune – Marathi films with a good combination of intent and commercial viability and climbing the ladder of success, has always been on the upswing and remained praise worthy. The new rank of producers and directors are also careful in presenting movies with strong and powerful stories. Many corporate companies are keen on producing Marathi films.

Seeing the content, technical skills and production values, many have shown interest in the production of Marathi films. Now a very commendable event has taken place. With the combined efforts of ‘Saibaba Studios and ‘Samruddhi Cineworld’, the first Hollywood Marathi film ‘Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kaay Asta’will soon start its shooting. The entire movie will be shoot in Los Angeles. With this, there will be one more feather in the cap of Marathi films.

‘Saibaba Studios’ which has done commendable work in television industry, makes its debut in the Marathi film industry. Talented director SamruddhiPorey will be directing the movie. She has already directed sensitive  films like ‘Mala Aai Vhaychy’, ‘Dr. Prakash Baba Amte’ and ‘Hemalkasa’ in Hindi. After these three movies Samruddhi was keen on doing something different.

After producing many successful shows on Hindi television industry, ‘Saibaba Studios’ wanted to do something in Marathi. With the intention of presenting something new, these two have joined hands to produce ‘Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kaay Asta’.

While talking about the Hollywood Marathi film ,Mr.Shivkumar of ‘Saibaba Studios said that as a reputed production house, it was very important for him to present something good to the viewers. He expressed his respect for Maharashtra’s culture, and expressed his satisfaction that he was contributing to the Marathi film industry. Samruddhi expressed her happiness at being able to contribute something away from the beaten track.

It is certain that the viewers will get to see the efforts of the production house of ‘Saibaba Studios’ and the directorial skills of Samruddhi Porey. The movie goers will have to wait for some more time to know more about the film and also about the actors.