Girl claims mother killed by government officials

Punekar News's photo.Ishita Arora, a Young India Fellow at Ashoka University, has made a statement on Facebook about her mother Dr.Sunita Arora been murdered on Friday night by 5 government officials and doctors of Panipat, Haryana.

She posted the statement on Saturday claiming that she has evidence of physical torture, camera recordings and even eye-witnesses against the murderers. But no arrest has been made yet. Ishita has not named anybody in her post.

Through her post she wants to reach to the highest officials of the government of India and seek justice.

Her post is going viral on social media.

Ishita wrote in her post:

“MY MOTHER WAS KILLED- Dr. Sunita Arora, my revered mother and a Doctor since last 30+ years in Samalkha (Panipat, Haryana) was killed yesterday night by 5 Government Officials and Doctors of Panipat. We have the evidences of physical torture, eye-witness and camera recording against the Murderers. Yet No government official is arresting the killers. I would be highly grateful to each and every one who will help me reach this message to the highest officials of the GoI and help us arrest the killers. Please share this post on your wall and spread the message like fire. WE DESERVE JUSTICE.”

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