India bridges Digital Divide between English & Hindi

Pune, September 14, 2018

On Hindi Diwas (September 14) today, India celebrates its successful global innovation in linguistic email services. Domain name, with entire internet infrastructure in Hindi along with other regional languages, has been playing role of a powerful catalyst in bridging the digital divide in the country.

Now, the move (linguistic email service) enables organizations and individuals to register, access and connect on internet through email addresses in Hindi. In India nearly 55 crore people are using Hindi as their language. Hence, linguistic email service powered by Datamail empowers millions of people who are not familiar with English on Internet. With Hindi at the top, ‘Datamail’ the world’s first ever linguistic email service essentially broke the linguistic barrier on internet essentially for those who understands Hindi only.

“On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, we pledge for “Bhasha ki azadi on internet”. India needs to celebrate creation of an ecosystem- comprising software, hardware and content— which has come together to make the Internet truly inclusive,” said Dr Ajay Data, Founder and CEO of Data XGen Plus Technologies and the brain behind Datamail, the world’s first ever linguistic email service.

India currently has close to 100 million Internet users out of a total population of 1.2 billion, of whom 74% are literate, according to Census 2011. As per the Census, nearly 44% of the population is well-versed in some form of Hindi and nearly 12% understands English. Hindi leads the pack of regional languages.

In a country where there are 55 crore Hindi speaking people, although they might have access to the internet, they face major linguistic barriers. Over a period of time India has undertaken several innovations to reach out to the diverse crowd allow them access and connectivity.

Now, with global innovations in linguistic email services, India capitalises the concept of Universal Acceptance and Internationalised Domain Names (IDN) for breaking the linguistic barrier on internet and Hindi stands at top in terms number of people expected to be benefitted by such technological breakthrough.

“We needed Internet infrastructure to be well aware of different scripts including Hindi. While recognising this need of multi-lingual Internet and bridging the digital divide between English and non-English populations so that the Non-English population can be upgraded to exploit the power of Internet, a passionate community of individuals in 1996 starting talking about this and IDN took birth. It took nearly two decades to break a big barrier with ‘DataMail’, powered by XgenPlus email platform,” explained Dr Data.

Language is basic for communication and associations between individuals. Breaking of linguistic barrier is dubbed by experts as the largest opening in the history of the Internet. Going forward, it is expected to lead to innovations that can’t even be imagined today.

On this occasion of Hindi Diwas, let us pledge to not just celebrate Hindi, but the language diversity as a whole. Let us knit the innumerable people across the world speaking different languages into this one community called “INTERNET.”