Logout Campaign : Now Zomato founder & Restaurants Association president fight over ‘discount’

Sumit Singh

Pune, August 22, 2019 : As the war over discount goes on between restaurants and Zomato, the president of National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI) and Zomato founder were caught in a spat on Thursday.

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal said, “Zomato is logging out of the logout campaign. We have said enough and we are getting back to work. I am confident better business sense will prevail at the end.”


He had earlier tweeted, “I welcome the NRAI president, Rahul Singh embracing the Gold standard at his own restaurants. Welcome to Gold, Rahul! @NRAI_India This proves that Rahul Singh, is not really against deep discounts, as these discounts are being offered on his own brand, on his own app. On a democratised platform like Zomato, large restaurant owners have to compete with independent restaurants on a hyperlocal basis, and are not able to leverage their large presence to pull more distribution/profits.”


“An aggregator’s most important job is to level the playing field for everyone. This is not about aggregators vs restaurants; this is about the small restaurant owner vs the large restaurant owner – and we are being painted as bullies”, Goyal further tweeted.


He went to explain, “This logout campaign as it seems now, is driven by Rahul Singh, along with participation of a few large restaurant owners, to use the NRAI platform to sabotage aggregators and benefit themselves. We stand by the changes we are making to Gold, they are in supreme interest of our restaurant partners and valued members — it helps everyone win.”


Rahlu Singh, who is Beer Cafe founder and CEO, said that his company is offering loyalty program since 2014. He further said that as a brand owner, they have the right to provide privileges to their loyalists, reported news agency PTI.

The agency further quoted him saying that Brokers cannot have same rights as owners.