Pune : Over 30,000 kg nirmalaya diverted from rivers

11 Sep 2019, Pune : With the final day ganesh festival fast approaching, citizens are appealed to locate SWaCH waste-pickers at the ghats and give their nirmalya on the day of visarjan.

30,160 kgs of nirmalya, fruits and other wet waste and 8,060 kgs of dry waste prevented from going into the rivers during Visarjan on the 5th day of Ganapati.

A total of 140 SWaCH waste-pickers and 65 SWaCH coordinators were joined by volunteers from the corporates and regular citizens at 19 different ghats to ensure that this nirmalya does not enter the rivers and is diverted towards composting and recycling.

“While there is good awareness about this initiative in the old residents of Pune, newer residents still need to be told and convinced at the Ghats. We appeal to all the citizens of Pune to say goodbye to Bappa on a sustainable note of sending their dry waste to recycling and wet waste to composting through SWaCH waste-pickers.” says Priya Kathuria, Project Manager of the initiative.

This unique initiative has been replicated by other cities across Maharashtra successfully, and Pune should keep its lead by ensuring maximum possible diversion from the rivers.

Like each year, this initiative has been supported by Cummins India at 18 ghats, Sudarshan at 2 ghats and Emcure at 3 ghats.

A total of 7,720 idols were immersed in the Hauds placed at these 19 PMC ghats. However, the total number of idols is expected to be higher and the final count will be recorded after the last date.