12 Feb 2020- Every child comes with some creativity and some recognise while working. It is not a talent for everyone, some children develop it as a skill. In today’s world, every playschool in pune or anywhere is focusing more on creativity and practical analysis of each study rather than focusing more on academics and theories. 

Every child needs a special place for creating their ideas into a reality without interrupting and interfering into their creative ideas. Teachers and parents should always promote out of the box thinking of their child which comes when there are no limits set for a child and nor there is any objection related to the same thing. There are some ways through which one can enhance the child’s creativity:

  1. The first and foremost thing one should always give creative space to your child where he or she can create and imagine all the ideas occur. It helps in maintaining a decent space for the child as he knows no one will limit him from exploring and imagining things he wants to. 

  1. Teachers and parents should always remember that never demotivate your child when he or she fails always try to encourage them during their failure as it gives more power to them to explore more and try to overpower their own failures and gets more confident after achieving it.  

  1. Always motivate your child to think out of the box which helps in gaining more creative development and they can think of those which cannot be thought by a normal person.  This will give them an upper hand in comparison with their fellow mates.

  1. Teachers and parents should always try to answer a child’s curiosity. As the teachers and parents will get to know of their child’s thinking ability and exploring the power and also they can get updated about the child while doing so. 

  1. A child should explore creativity, not on phones or laptops or pc, they should always go off-screen to do so as it helps in giving them free hand in developing creativity more wisely and without any technology-based. 

  1. Teachers and parents should not become a barrier between the child’s creativity and imagination as it will bring unwillingness to create and explore new things, which is not good for the child as this will affect his or her future creativity skills

  1. If a child is in a play school the teachers should make a relationship between a child and the colours in the palate as they will start their first creativity with those colours and patterns initially.

  1. Teachers and parents should take the help of their kids to update their classroom or drawing room and tell them to give ideas for finishing the room. They might at first mess up things but later on, they will come up with some good ideas for setting up the room.

  1. Parents and teachers should bring some creative board games wh9ich should be interactive and should be boredom free as children get bored very soon with the board game if they are not so good or interactive in their terms.

  1. For enhancing the creativity parents should take their kids to adventurous places, and place them in such an atmosphere where they can explore nature and can imagine things which they cannot do in their space.

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