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Sound in the movie has to compliment the script- Bishwadeep Chatterjee

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Pune, January 15, 2020 : ‘‘While working on a film, we simulate and recreate the sounds as per the need of the story and blend it in the scenes with dialogues, background score and songs . The sound effects in the movie have to compliment the script,’’ said the national award winning sound designer Bishwadeep Chatterjee.

He was delivering a lecture in the 18th Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) organized by Pune Film Foundation and Maharashtra Government. Dr. Jabbar Patel, Director, PIFF was present among the dignitaries.

Chatterjee said that, ‘‘Our generation of sound designers experienced working with all the mediums like vacuum tube, analog magnetic platform and digital. Today, the technical limitations are slowly getting out of the way. So this is very interesting time for us.’’

He mentioned that in the 80s the VHS tapes came and people started preferring to watch movies at home. It was the Dolby Surround sound that played important role in bringing the audience back to theatres.

Chatterjee gave examples of the movies ‘Bajirao Mastani’, ‘Uri’ and ‘Chintu Ka Birthday’and explained how they created different sound effects. He said that he had first read the book about Bajirao Peshwa before reading the script of the film. ‘‘To show the home background of Bajirao Peshwa in the movie, I went to the place Wai near Panchgani and recorded the Brahmin worshippers chanting Sanskrit Vedas. We also used some old Marathi Bhajans. We used the rumbling sounds to show the aftermath of war and deliberately designed sound effects to show Bajirao’s character larger than life. While designing for the movie ‘Chintu Ka Birthday’, we had to create the war-like environment in Iraq as per the story. The movie is low budget and shot in closed setting. So we created create sound effects to make it look like happening in Iraq. ’’

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