Strays are welcome at Capgemini campus

Shivanee Thote

Pune, February 21, 2020 : The campus of IT major Infosys was in the cross-links of animal lovers for illegally relocating a host of stray dogs from its premises, leaving them vulnerable to a cruel fate, another well-known corporate here has gone down the opposite path full of compassion.

Capgemini has opened doors for the stray dogs in the vicinity of its Talwade campus, after numerous animal lovers approached the administration, asking for official permission to feed and allow these dogs on the premises.

Around a week before the branch declared themselves as the ‘dog-friendly campus’, where they designate the spaces, food, water for the strays. The stray dogs are now termed as ‘Capgemini pets’.

Capgemini has also assigned staff for the care and management of ‘Capgemini pets’ throughout the summer. Around 16 street dogs are ensured to be feed through coming hot summer days.

Priyanka Singh Rathore, an associate consultant of the company said, “Some weeks back there were hoardings put up on the campus saying people not to feed the dogs, some of them aren’t okay with it. As soon as we saw this we took this up with the administration to look into it. Unbelievable but the response was heartwarming.”

Another employee Pooja added, “I joined this company two years back when all these dogs were puppies and now they are all full grown. I feel connected to them, this is a wonderful step with a company and even feeding them.”

This act is being praised by all the dog lovers. These employees are also approaching their friends in other corporates.