Isuzu Motors Limited, Japan incorporates “Isuzu Engineering Business Centre India Pvt. Ltd.”

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Chennai: Keeping in line with the business plans of the company, Isuzu Motors Limited, Japan, has incorporated a new company – Isuzu Engineering Business Centre India Private Limited (IEBCI) in India that will be responsible for R&D and Sourcing related activities. IEBCI will primarily focus on enhancing efficiency and quality levels of Isuzu Motors India’s (IMI) products, enabling the company to achieve 70% localisation at Start of Production (SoP) and 100% localisation in the future. IEBCI will also serve as the specialized hub for sourcing parts for ISUZU’s global operations.

Mr. Naohiro Yamaguchi, Managing Director of Isuzu Motors India will also assume the role of Director, IEBCI with immediate effect.

IEBCI will support IMI to achieve 100% localisation and will ensure adherence to stringent quality standards in sourcing parts and components for the company. The formation of IEBCI will also help ISUZU in Research & Development activities to be able to cater to the specific need of the Indian customers and also achieve greater efficiency levels in the overall operations of the company in India.

Speaking about the new company, Mr. Naohiro Yamaguchi, Director, IEBCI said, “It is part of our continuous effort to offer the Indian customers, products that are driven by“value and quality”. It is indeed a key milestone ISUZU has achieved, since the start of its operations in India in 2012. With the new IMI manufacturing plant to go on stream at SriCity, early next year, IEBCI will allow us to keep tremendous focus on supplier quality, material costs and R&D activities. This will also help both the companies to attain an organic growth by leveraging their strengths, especially, when IMI is at the crucial juncture of its full-fledged operations in India. IEBCI will ably support the global operations of ISUZU by sourcing parts, thanks to the efficient supplier base that India has over many other countries.”

Isuzu Motors India started its operations in India in August 2012. The company currently sells the ISUZU D-MAX range of pick-up trucks and MU-7 SUV in India through its exclusive dealer network spread across 27 locations, as of today.

A Proud Lineage – 99 Years:

With the ISUZU philosophy spanning over 99 years, the company is the threshold of a very important milestone to embark on a new journey in India. Having its history tracing back to a century, ISUZU has achieved several milestones in the areas of Commercial Vehicles and Diesel Engines and has established itself for qualities such as Durability and Reliability.