Pune: Old Paper Manuscript Discovered In Junnar May Throw Light On Maratha Empire

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Junnar, 12th September 2021: Historian Bapu Tamhane has discovered a paper manuscript from Golegaon village in Junnar taluka of Pune district. The manuscript is in Maratha style and throws light on the Maratha empire, said Tamhane.

He added, the paper manuscript started with the Ganpati painting and it seems that the Ganpati painting style is embodied with black outlines in different natural colours. The colour scheme and costumes of this painting are in Maratha style and can be compared to the Maratha mural of Ganpati playing ‘Saripat’ in cave number seven at Lenyadri. This sheet of paper is twelve centimetres wide and twenty feet long.

Two strips of Jundri handmade paper which are made in Junnar are attached and draw vertical stripes on both sides of the paper roll. The text of the manuscript starts with ‘Shri Ganesha Namah’.

It is also mentioned that the manuscript was written at Junnar. The manuscript consists of the details of a noble person from the Sardar family. It included the birthdate, horoscope, marriage horoscope, chakras as well as figures of planetary proportions. It also includes names of men and women from their families.

Tamhane said that the picture of Ganpati in the manuscript, the geometric figures are the identity of a special Maratha style and studies are underway on it.