Six Features to Look For In Your New Double Bed

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29 April 2019 : A bed is the most important furniture in the household. A bed should be comfortable, durable, and affordable. The perfect bed will add to the ambiance of the bedroom while an improper selection of the bed will disrupt the environment. You should always keep in mind the space available for the installation of the bed and choose accordingly.

Features To Look For In You New Double Bed

There are a number of features that are available in modern designs. It can be very puzzling to understand all the features and make a proper selection that would serve all your needs. Double bed designs come with a number of features; some of the most important ones are highlighted below:

  1. Upholstery Material: What adds to the look and appearance of any bed is the upholstery material. The material should be durable while also keeping in mind that the upholstery is of anti-fad material. It should be easy to maintain and should boast a modern design that goes with the ambiance of the bedroom. The material should be easy to clean.

  2. Hydraulic Storage: Storage is an important issue in the modern lifestyle. Your new double bed should be equipped with hydraulic storage. With the hydraulic machinery, the storage under the bed becomes easily accessible and easy to use.

  3. Anti-creek Joinery: One should check for the material used in the joints of the bed. You can avoid the galling noises if high-quality clamps and joinery technique is used, hence, ensuring comfort.

  4. Wood Finish: While choosing a bed one should keep in mind the finish and the color matches the other furniture in the bedroom. There are a number of finishes or looks to choose from that suit your taste. Mahogany finish, Charcoal finish, walnut finish, and white or minimalistic look are some of the types you can choose from.

  5. The Material of the Bed: The most important thing one should keep in mind while choosing a bed is its material. The material of the bed should be durable and affordable. Some of the materials used are plywood, Burmese teak, pinewood, and engineered wood.

  6. Easy Relocation: One of the trickiest tasks is the assembling and relocation of the bed. The material used should be light and relocation friendly. This is important if you want to move your bed from one room to the other or if you are shifting to a new location.

Dressing Tables Designs

The dressing table is another important furniture in the bedroom. It adds to the aesthetic value and makes your room look bigger. There are a number of looks and finishes available. Choosing a dressing table design that matches the other furniture in the bedroom is important. You can go with a number of looks such as a standing mirror, a dresser or a wall mirror. You can choose from a variety of finishes such as teak, mahogany or walnut. The mirror used should be of high-quality to avoid any distortion in the reflection. The best material available for the mirror is Belgium glass.