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All 737 eligible Zilla Parishad schools in Wardha equipped with E-Learning 

The project promotes Digital India and benefits over 1.60 lakh students across Maharashtra

Pune: 20th April: Holistic education imparted through digital media is the key to all round development of the next generation. Use of audio-visuals is known to enhance the learning experience. Jankidevi Bajaj Gram Vikas Sanstha (JBGVS) has recently covered all the 737 eligible Zilla Parishad schools in Wardha district of Maharashtra under its innovative E-Learning Project. This also in a way promotes the government’s Digital India Programme since children well versed with the use of computers and multi-media are better placed to undertake digital transactions as adults, later in life.

The Wardha success story

All the eight talukas of Wardha, viz. Wardha, Hinganghat, Deoli, Arvi, Seloo, Samudrapur, Karanja and Ashti have been covered under the project over the past three years. Vinesh Kakade, Project Organizer, JBGVS explains, “A total of 49,231 students have benefited from the E-Learning units so far in Wardha district.” Eligibility criterion was fixed in such a way that all Zilla Parishad schools with student strength of more than 20 were covered. Students of poor parents including farmers, quarry workers and labourers who often do not get an opportunity to use computers got acquainted with the same. JBGVS field officials and a third party survey that was conducted report that better enrolment; better exam results; reduced absenteeism and better understanding of subjects due to audio-visuals, question-answer format and general knowledge games are the tangible benefits of the project.

Commenting on the achievement, Col Vinod Deshmukh, Director, JBGVS, said, “The E-Learning units achieve the twin objectives of making school education interesting and engaging as well as acquainting the youngsters with the use of computers. This initiative will go a long way in equipping the young minds in rural areas with all round knowledge, particularly when they are often not exposed to technology unlike their urban counterparts.”

About JBGVS E-Learning Project

The objective of this project is to improve the quality of education of students from government and low cost private schools by providing a joyful environment through digital learning. Initially, the project was planned for 1,000 units over two years (2014-15 and 2015-16). Thereafter, in 2016-17 this target was significantly exceeded with 1,558 units installed across the state with Wardha accounting for nearly half the number. In all, 1,67,170 students have benefited from the E-Learning Project by end of March 2017 in Pune, Aurangabad and Wardha districts. The E-Learning units cover the entire syllabus of Maharashtra state board (SSC) schools from 1st to 10th standard (English and Marathi mediums). Each unit contains a laptop loaded with the e-Learning software, a TV/projector and two other softwares, viz. value education and personal hygiene. Monitoring of E-Learning units is regularly done by JBGVS education team across all locations through random visits to the schools.

Involvement of stakeholders

Various stakeholders have played a vital role in making this a success. The foremost among them are the teachers in Zilla Parishad schools who first took time out to understand the E-Learning system and then painstakingly ensured that the students derive maximum benefit out of it. The concerned government officials played their role in popularizing the initiative among the beneficiary schools. The schools also contributed 10% of the total cost of the unit. Apart from students and teachers, beneficiaries include the adult villagers who are shown documentaries and can view the Prime Minister’s speeches on the E-Learning units.

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