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By Shekhar Chowdhry – Astrologer & Mystique

Let’s look at one of the seven wonders in the world, the Taj Mahal just for our better understanding about the concept of the directional science of this Universe, known as Vaastu. I don’t think I should explain the stunning architecture and divinely beauty of Taj in fact, the entire world knows it very well. So, coming to the point…let me reveal the secrets of this mesmerizing monument, and let’s take a close look at this monument from the prospective of Vaastu. Just don’t sweat on it, have patience and let me explain it based on my personal research and experiences, of course!

It might sound absurd, but Vaastu dictates the design of this monument right from its location. To the North of the Taj runs Yamuna, one of the holy rivers of India and if you put your attention you can clearly see that, it flows from the West to East. This is just perfect, North and East of a building should have a slope towards these directions. Wow! Shocked, just hold your intelligence, and read on! Taj Mahal is a perfect blend of Persian as well as Indian architecture, what I have noticed very keenly. As a matter of fact, observing each and every minute detail about the surrounding of wherever I go. I can’t help it really being into the mysterious Occult world for over a decade, it fascinates me like no other. These observations helped me immensely to understand the metrics of the Universe. So, coming to Taj – to me the exterior is Persian, and its interior soul is Indian pretty much.

Width of any building should be equal to its height – this is the core fundamental of Vaastu. If we technically measure the Taj Mahal, we’ll see that its length and width are exactly the same as its height. This couldn’t have been possible for the architects to design this wonder without the help of Vaastu around 300 years ago, when todays mind boggling technology was a dream back then. Some architecture experts believe that the Taj brought in bad luck for Shah Jahan. They say that Shah Jahan fell ill, and was imprisoned after building the Taj. I disagree, for what brought Shah Jahan bad luck was not the Taj but a black marble monument he tried to make across the river. But, he was unable to complete this. No wonder the white Taj Mahal is one of the world’s spectacular wonders, while the black Taj ended up incomplete and buried under the Earth.

I would request, please don’t forget to examine the mysterious Taj when you visit next time. I saw the Taj in full Moon night, falling short to describe its heavenly beauty! The monument has three shapes, square, octagon and circle. The floor of the Taj is square, and four guest rooms on its four sides are eight octagonal shape. The big dome on its top is a obviously a circle. These three shapes represent the holy trinity in spiritual realm.

Vastu is a science of geometric architecture, which deals with the basic principles of design arrangements, measurements, and various directions i.e. east, west, north, south, north-east, south-east, north-west, and south-west. Various forms of designs, be it construction of a giant bridge or building a commercial structure what we see around us are intend to integrate the architecture in harmony with Mother Nature. The corresponding functions of various angels of any structure, has always been a primary utilization of different geometric patterns and directional play, more or less. Vaastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with human and materials. It aims to create a subtle conducive atmosphere in a structure in which we can bring the best in ourselves, thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness for the mankind in a positive environment. Like any other science, Vaastu is universal, rational, and of course very practical.

To me, it’s not a religion obviously, but a true science if we observe technically. The principle laid down in Vaastu were keeping in view, cosmic influence of solar energy, directions of wind, the position of the Moon,  and the Earth’s magnetic field as a whole. The system is a mixture of various directions, astronomy and astrology to a great extent. In my research and case studies I have found out that, Vastu is a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts, and these rules are derived from the universe. I have experienced several times that, by following these directional principles we can undoubtedly gain quite a lot and live peacefully with the cosmic energies around us.

The fundamental of Vaastu is entirely based upon the magnetic property of the Earth, and the gravitational forces created by the materials inside the Earth. We can see that the rotation of Earth on its axis and other forces created by its constant movements. As we know that, Earth was created from the minerals and dust from the lava of Sun millions of years ago. Due to the large content of iron particles present in the form of solid and molten state in our Earth, it has a dense magnetic property a.k.a. G-force. So, we can see the Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field around it. Its like if we break a small magnet in pieces, then each part will have North and South poles and start behaving as a single magnet isn’t it? Buildings are being constructed with the materials containing iron particles and by doing so this magnetic effect is further magnified. Vasthu science applies certain principles to gain from these magnetic forces.

When I came to Pune for my higher studies from my native place Jamshedpur around sixteen years back, I saw greenery all around the city, but in present time we see it’s becoming concrete jungle around us, and builders are in great hurry to earn money. I can say this from my personal experiences. I used to work with Pune’s one of the famous builders as Digital Marketing Manager for several months. They are constructing so called big and alluring residential projects, but intentionally ignoring the basic fundamentals of Vaastu compliances. The rule of Vaastu says that, south facing constructions especially homes are not desirable for living. Reason being, the North Pole emits the positive magnetic energy, and the South Pole performs the negative part receiving that energy constantly. I have found out in my own research that, people who lives in south facing home consumes much negative energies of Earth, as a consequence it affects their health silently that they hardly even realize the upcoming danger.

We all are traveling along with the Earth with our belongings towards North East direction due to the Earth is rotating inclined about 25 degrees towards North East direction and rotates on its own axis, and also rotates around the Sun. Constructions of buildings should not be against this motion at any cost, but who really cares! Builders want to sell their flats and qualified yet ignorant customers wants to buy those flats, without checking whether their dream homes if at all, made as per the rules of Vaastu or not. As a result, the customers become prey in front of those lucrative advertisements displayed on various media channels and illusionary offers given by the intelligent builders. And this is the actual fact, not a fable I’m telling you! I believe most of us have experienced this phenomenon. Before coming into Astrology, first I studied the fundamentals of Astronomy reason being, when you have bread and egg ready with you, then it’s not all difficult to make tasty sandwiches.

Just imagine how your car would strain to accelerate if you load heavy weight in its front side. The Earth is rotating and rolling towards the North East direction, hence keeping heavy weight at that direction would strain its moment without any fail. North, North East, East and the center are the places in the forward direction of the movement. Keeping any heavy weight in these places will obstruct the movement and create discomforts. We must avoid any heavy weight in these areas so that, we can make our life more balanced and prosperous. South, West and South West corners form the rear side of the movement. Keeping maximum weight at these places will make the motion comfortable and in harmony with the nature. I personally believe that, gaining wealth and safe keeping them is another important factor of our lives. For creating well being, keep heavy weight in a building in these areas without any mistake. North West and South East corners are the two sides of the motion. We can keep light weight in these places and balance the movement nicely. As per Vaastu, North West corner presents the social status and South East corner improves the health as a general rule. Hence, keeping balanced weight in these places improves our health as we as wealth.

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