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​Museum of Cycles in Pune

Pune – Encyclopedia of cycles & all things moving, Mr Vikram Pendse has made a “Museum of Cycles” at his house in Karvenagar. 

The objects on display are not just physical items; they are embodiments of a particular place and time in history.

One can examine how glassmakers, blacksmiths, carpenters, technicians and artisans, transformed raw materials into finished goods. In this collection one can find objects, which held a special status and required skillful making. 

Objects, which made everyday lives easier and better. Objects, which have remained, unchanged. Objects, which have changed over the years to evolve in modern forms. Objects, which have survived the passage of time and some ravaged by it.

Why an object is valued and how it might be perceived or represented by its users and viewers is dramatically different at each moment in an object’s life.

The range of objects is important, too, particularly considering some of the items such as radios, typewriters, cigarette cases, household objects in Indian and foreign kitchens.

One can find traces the impact of travel, trade and conquest by Mughals, Portugese, French, and the British. How trade, war and religion moved objects around the globe.

The various objects are a testimony of how industrialization, politics and imperial ambitions changed the world.

Some of the objects can help explore aspects of political and economic history of recent times. 

The bicycle is a world changer. Much as fire transformed the way we eat and live, the bicycle changed the way we move.

From walking on foot to moving on wheels. The limits of our lives were widened and changed forever. Tyres made sure we were comfortable too!

One can see the development of bicycles over a period of time. The variations in material, metallurgy, gear hubs, fork, accessories and development in design is stimulating. 

The collection of unique bicycles, tricycles, tandem bikes, racer bikes, cruisers, are examples of craftsmanship, elegance and functionality.

The bicycle plays a unique part of our experience and holds a place in our hearts.

Some of the objects that catch our attention are simply beautiful and the ambiguity around them make them intriguing. 

How whole eras, historical events and human stories can be understood from a single object. How objects communicated and fashioned the identities of the people who owned and used them.

It reminds us all that collection are ways by which we come to know the lives of others that are separated from us by time and space.

Things in this museum are artifacts out of time and history, provoking curiosity and wonder.

Do enjoy this journey into the past. 

About Vikram Pendse:

Lifelong Motorbike and Bicycle aficionado Vikram Pendse has been collecting Cycles and various artifacts since last twenty two years. Vikram started building a collection of bicycles when he came upon the BSA paratrooper and some rare and unique bicycles. These bicycles are the ancestors of all of our modern vehicles. 

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