15 Indians Among Crew as ‘MV Lila Norfolk’ Falls Victim to Hijacking in Somali Waters

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Somalia Coast, 5th January 2024: In a concerning incident, the cargo ship ‘MV Lila Norfolk’ has fallen victim to hijacking off the coast of Somalia. The hijacking occurred yesterday, prompting the Indian Navy to maintain a strict vigil on the situation.

Among the crew of the Liberian-flagged ship are fifteen Indians, raising concerns for their safety as the ship remains under hijackers’ control. The Indian Navy has swiftly responded to the situation, deploying naval aircraft to monitor the ship’s activities. Communication has been established with the crew, ensuring a direct line of contact with those on board.

In response to the hijacking, the Indian Navy has dispatched the INS Chennai, a warship, to approach the scene and address the escalating situation. The naval aircraft continue to closely monitor the unfolding events, maintaining constant surveillance on the hijacked ship.

The Indian Navy assures that it is fully committed to ensuring the security of merchant shipping in the region, collaborating with international partners and friendly foreign countries. Additionally, assistance from other relevant agencies is being sought to effectively manage and resolve the hijacking situation.

As the situation unfolds, the Indian Navy remains vigilant, prioritizing the safety of the crew and swiftly responding to potential threats in the region.