1973 Villages Of Maharashtra Show A Dip In Under- Ground Water Level

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Pune: May 27th, 2021: Despite a good spell of rain for over a couple of years, as many as 1973 villages of Maharashtra have shown a dip in the ground-water level. The Groundwater Survey and Development Agency (GSDA) report stated. 


GSDA inspected 3,694 wells and came up with this report. Generally, from October to March the groundwater is used on large scale for various purposes and thus this could be the reason behind the dip. 


Dip in wells in Pune district too

Among the 13 talukas, 372 villages from nine talukas showed the dip. Of which 186 villages showed one meter dip, 125 villages showed a dip from one meter to two meter while 20 and 41 villages showed a dip from two meter to three meter and more than three meters respectively. 


Interestingly, there was no dip in any taluka of Satara, Sangli district”, said the officials from GSDA.


Nearly, 30 talukas in the state recorded more than 20% less in rainfall while 13 talukas showed up to 20% less rainfall. However, 17 talukas recorded more than average rainfall. 


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The survey conducted in March showed a dip in six talukas of Chandrapur, Akola, Amravati, Nagpur, and Yavatmal districts. This dip is more than one meter. GSDA director Malinath Kalshetty said, “We fear that these 13 talukas are facing the water shortage”.

Water shortage in six districts?

As many as 1973 villages of 133 talukas of Maharashtra state showed a dip by one meter in the underground water level. Similarly, 1315 villages showed one to two meter dip while 285 villages showed three meter dip. While 373 villages have two to three meter dip in the groundwater level. 

GSDA mentioned in the report that there might be a water shortage in 13 talukas of six districts.


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