21 Women-Controlled Polling Stations to Empower Female Participation in Pune District

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Pune, 7th April 2024: In a significant move towards enhancing women’s participation in the electoral process, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has mandated the establishment of “Women Controlled Polling Stations” for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This initiative entails the allocation of special polling stations exclusively managed by women in every assembly constituency. In the Pune district alone, 21 such polling stations will be operated by women.
Ensuring gender parity at every level, from the stationed police personnel to the election officers and staff, all roles at these polling stations will be filled by women. This initiative underscores the ECI’s commitment to fostering equality and facilitating more active engagement of women in the democratic process. Notably, these women-controlled polling stations will refrain from using any specific colour scheme, and the ECI has issued clear directives to avoid the unnecessary display of any particular political party’s colours within the polling premises.

The establishment of women-controlled polling stations represents a crucial step towards enhancing female participation in the electoral process. By ensuring that all officers and staff at these stations are women, the initiative aims to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for female voters.

Safety and security considerations have been paramount in selecting the locations for these women-controlled polling stations. To this end, sensitive areas and those near Tehsil Offices, Police Stations, and other high-contact polling stations have been avoided. This strategic approach aims to provide a secure and conducive setting for women to exercise their democratic right to vote.