236 Indians evacuated from Iran, quarantined at Indian Army wellness centre in Jaisalmer

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Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, March 15, 2020: COVID-19 or Corona Virus has been declared a pandemic by the WHO and a large number of Indian stranded in Corona affected countries like Italy, Iran etc. are being evacuated by the Govemment.

As a precautionary measure these evacuated persons are to be kept under quarantine for a period of fourteen days. The Indian Army has set up Wellness Centres at various locations to provide a credible response to COVID-19. 236 Indian nationals being evacuated from Iran on 15 Mar 2020, are being quarantined at the Indian Army Wellness Centre at Jaisalmer.

The Wellness Centre at Jaisalmer is an initiative of the Indian Army to support the nation’s fight against COVID-19. The operationalization of these facilities demonstrates Indian Army’s commitment to the nation to handle multiple challenges. The Wellness Centre at Jaisalmer is fully equipped and functional facility to help Indian citizens undertake the mandatory quarantine period under the supervision of skilled medical authorities. Soldiers have volunteered to provide care and support to our countrymen returning from overseas.

The Army Wellness Centre is working in total synergy with the Civil Administration Airport authorities and Air Force to ensure proper care is provided to all evacuated citizens. Prophylactic measures are being taken to prevent spread of the contagion.

Awareness campaigns are being undertaken to educate the peopie about COVID-19. Military and Civil Authorities at Jaisalmer have urged the people to take adequate precautions against COVID-19. They have assured them that there is no need to panic as requisite medical infrastructure is in place to handle any eventuality.

The Indian Army’s coordinated efforts with the local administration is bound to succeed in fighting out COVID-19 from India. The team work being carried out by multiple agencies at Jaisalmer is a source of confidence.