39 Tourists From Pune Escape Nepal Earthquake Unharmed

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Kathmandu, 4th November 2023: In the earthquake that struck Nepal on Friday night, claiming the lives of 129 people, 39 tourists from Pune who had been on a sightseeing trip to Nepal were confirmed safe. These tourists, who were visiting Nepal as part of a tour organized by Archis International Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd, were staying at a hotel in Chitwan Riverside Resort, Nepal when the earthquake occurred around midnight.

As the tremors of the earthquake spread fear among the tourists, they promptly evacuated the hotel and gathered at a safe location. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the tourism company took immediate action to ensure the safety of the 39 Pune-based travellers. The tourists were transported to Gorakhpur, India, during the late hours of the night.

In the meantime, relatives of the tourists back in Pune were distressed upon learning about the earthquake in Nepal. Their attempts to contact the travellers during the nighttime proved unsuccessful, adding to their anxiety. However, on Saturday morning, the worried relatives managed to establish contact with the tourists, finally receiving the reassuring news of their safety and well-being.