5 Major Organ Transplants at Pune’s Sahyadri Hospitals

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Pune 18 September 2019: A 23 year old student from Pune was declared brain dead at Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospitals Nagar Road after he met with an accident at Vishrantwadi area, gave a new lease of life to three needy patients. The family members made a noble gesture by donating his heart, two kidneys, liver and pancreas. The student who had met with an accident on 15th September and sustained severe head injuries was admitted to Sahyadri Hospital Nagar Road and later was declared brain dead on 17th September 2019. The organs were harvested in the early hours of 18th September (2 am); his heart, one kidney and pancreas were brought to Deccan at 6.25 am.

The heart was transplanted on 65 year old Professor of Forensic Medicine and HOD in Talegaon Medical College at Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital Deccan Gymkhana. One kidney and pancreas were simultaneously transplanted at Deccan Unit on a 55 year old patient from Chennai suffering from type II diabetes leading to kidney and pancreas failure while at Nagar Road unit the other kidney and liver were transplanted simultaneously on a 32 year old male IT professional from Karad who was suffering from Hepatitis B and chronic kidney disease.

The team  who was involved in these multiple transplants in Sahyadri Hospitals includes Heart Transplant Surgeon at Sahyadri Hospitals- Dr Manoj Durairaj, Cardiac Surgeons – Dr Rajesh Kaushish and Dr Sandeep Tadas, Cardiac Anesthetists -Dr Shantanu Shastri, Dr. Suhas  Sonawane and Dr Saurabh Bokil, Cardiologist -Dr Priya Palimkar; Liver & Multi organ Transplant Surgeons at Sahyadri Hospitals- Dr Bipin Vibhute, Dr Dinesh Zirpe and Dr Shailesh Sable, Transplant Anesthetists – Dr Manish Pathak and Dr Manoj Raut, Transplant Hepatologist- Dr Sheetal Mahajani, Liver Transplant Surgeon-Dr Aniruddha Bhosale , Nephrologists Dr Manan Doshi and Dr. Sachin Patil, Associate Clinician-Dr Abhijeet Mane, Medical Social Worker Sharmila Padhye and Transplant coordinators Rahul Tambe, Arun Ashokan and Aman Bele who counselled the relatives for organ donation. The relatives immediately gave their consent.

Sharing more details about the Heart transplant, Dr Manoj Durairaj said “Once we received information about the brain dead patient and that he had given consent, our team went to Sahyadri Nagar Road and retrieved the heart at 6.15 am, our team arrived at Sahyadri Deccan Unit at 6.25 am. The heart was transplanted on a 65-year old forensic medicine professor residing at Kothrud.  The surgery took two hours and post the transplant the heart started beating vigorously in the new body. We are satisfied that a renowned professor showed faith in our heart transplant program. A completely in-house team of surgeons, cardiologists and anaesthetists performed the successful third heart transplant in a span of few months at Sahyadri Deccan Unit.”

Talking about Liver and Multi-Organ Transplant, Dr Bipin Vibute said, “The retrieved one Kidney and pancreas were simultaneously transplanted on a 55 year old male from Chennai who was suffering from type II diabetes since 20 years. Liver and second kidney harvested from the donor was transplanted on a 32 year old patient from Karad who was suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease as well as Hepatitis –B. His condition was worsening and transplant was the only option for his survival.”

“We specially thank Liver and Multi-organ transplant surgeon Dr. Senthil Kumar and Anaesthetists Dr Dinesh Babu for being part of this crucial transplant,” added Dr. Vibhute.

Dr Ketan Apte, Unit Head Sahyadri Hospitals said, “Pune is emerging as one of the leading centre for organ donation and transplant programmes and Sahyadri Hospitals has been at its forefront in this cause. However, this has been possible due to the availability of World Class facilities, team of skilled doctors, anaesthetists, medical social workers and support staff. The role played by ZTCC and the traffic police has been central to the success of our transplant program. Above all we would like to salute the donors and their relatives, in this case relatives of a 23 year old student who were although in immense grief of losing their young son but took a brave and noble decision to donate his organs to help the needy ones.  We will continue to pursue organ donation awareness programs so that more and more needy patients can get a new lease of life.”

He added that this is the first time that we were simultaneously performing 5 transplants at the same time and would like to thank the entire team for he success.