5 Reasons Why You Should Take DevOps Training 

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April 2020-

Are you a software professional?

If yes, then you definitely must have heard about DevOps engineering?

Well, there is no such thing to get astonished; the word “DevOps” is quite common in the field of Information Technology.

However, you may wonder about why you should take DevOps training? Many IT skills that are in-demand and you can learn, but why DevOps?

Well, in this blog, we will discuss the main reasons why a software professional should go for DevOps training.

But before comprehension about why you should take DevOps training in Bangalore, you must know about what the DevOps is all about? So, let us discuss in detail through the DevOps introduction.

DevOps Introduction

DevOps is the implementation of development and operations engineers joining together in the whole service life cycle, from design, development process to product maintenance and support. It is the set of practices to automate various processes between software development and IT teams so that they can develop, test, deploy and release software quickly and more accurately. The idea of DevOps is established on creating a culture of collaboration among the teams that are involved in various software functions.

DevOps is helpful to build communication, collaboration, and integration for the information processing among the software developers. Here, the first-word dev stands for development i.e. change in a constant manner and adding new features. Second word Ops means firmness in an uninterrupted manner and also the development of new services.

 Reasons Why You Should Take DevOps Training

Nowadays, the demand for DevOps engineers is increasing at a fast pace, creating lucrative job opportunities for DevOps engineers. So, this is a perfect time to learn DevOps from the best software training institute in Bangalore and move your career in this growing field. One of the most important reasons behind DevOps’ popularity is that it allows businesses to build and improve products, applications at fast speed than conventional software development methods.

Below is the list of top 5 reasons why people go for DevOps training:

  • Shorter Development Cycles

DevOps is determined by two important terms i.e. collaboration and communication. When development and operations are managed by separate teams, it becomes difficult to determine whether the application is ready for operations and operations cycle times are unnecessarily increased. When both teams are combined, the development cycle automatically gets improved, which leads the application to be available for use quickly.

With the speedy deployment, business leads towards success in the future as the company’s success depends upon the ability to initiate faster than their competitors. With the absolute approach of combining development and operations, the organization can benefit from being adequately able to launch the new system. The combined constant development, testing, operations, and innovation make the implementation process much trouble-free for the business. 

Faster releases enable companies to quickly study the user’s behavior and incorporate the necessary changes to come up with a better quality product. This helps the companies to stay competitive and furnish their customers with better quality products and services. 

  • Fast Career Growth

DevOps professionals are in high demand these days, but the supply is low. Currently, there are now enough DevOps professionals available, who meet the requirements for DevOps roles and responsibilities. So, this is the right time for you to go for DevOps training in Bangalore. If you have good knowledge of DevOps tools and technologies, it will increase the chances of getting a good job opportunity. 

Apart from this, you can get a decent salary, if you are an expert DevOps professional. DevOps professionals are one of the highest-paid across the world. Some studies reveal that the average salary of DevOps professionals in the USA is $135,139 per year, while in India its 6,66,232/ INR.

The professionals, who are good in DevOps engineering, will get all the benefits they need in today’s technology market. 

  • Fewer Software Failures

Once the code is written and passed to operations, developers have no idea about what is happening with their code. And vice versa, the business also not includes developers, later on, to focus on their business efforts. Long ago this problem was spotted out. The solution to this problem is DevOps. 

As DevOps associates shorter development cycle with it, which encourages frequent and more code releases. With the modular implementations of DevOps, DevOps team can reveal the configuration issues or problems in application code and infrastructure. DevOps members are occupied throughout the software development life cycle and provide better quality codes. Comparatively lesser fixes are required as the problems are identified and eliminated when developers write the code.

  • Get a better knowledge about the SDLC

A DevOps engineer is responsible for below-mentioned things:

  • Writing source code and management
  • Constant Integration
  • Uninterrupted Testing
  • Configuration Management
  • Containerization
  • Overall monitoring of processes
  • Maintenance and support

Once you have completed your training in DevOps, you will be well aware of phases of the software development life cycle as every process in SDLC will be managed by collaborative teams of development and operations. You will have an idea about source code management, integration and testing, configuration management, and other important things. Better knowledge of SDLC will be an added value to your profile. 

  • Improve your professional credibility

Once you complete DevOps training in Bangalore and get DevOps certification, you can enhance your professional credibility. The DevOps certification will help you to showcase your skills in many areas like:

  • Observing the software application’s performance.
  • Writing code and scripts for software and application customizations. 
  • Increase the security of software applications.
  • Providing IT hardware support.
  • Solving various issues.
  • Connecting software, libraries, and databases, to keep them running effectively. 

As of today, companies are looking for people having a large range of skills, so that they can optimize their cost. With good knowledge of DevOps, you can offer something new and unique to the company, which gives you an extra edge over other candidates in the interview. With the DevOps skills, you become more precious to the company as you know many tools and technologies of development, testing, and deployment.