5 Ways to Promote Real Estate Business On Facebook

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Facebook has billions of users today, who post, share and explore huge amounts and variety of content each day. One of the dominant and influential niches that one finds on Facebook is real estate. In fact, it would not be an overstatement to say that Facebook is the best platform to market and grow your real estate business. This is because Facebook is largely visual and is used by people of all age groups. When people are looking to buy a home for themselves, they first want to see what it looks like rather than know its specifics. 


Real estate Facebook marketing using the integrated business features offered by Facebook such as marketplace, call to action, business pages, adding location and contact information and more is highly sought after when people are looking to rent or buy housing properties in a particular area. Also, since real estate requires hyper marketing in specific locations, Facebook offers several features for you to be able to do that. Moreover, with the massive database of people using Facebook by the day, it allows you as a realtor, to market your business to a potentially wider audience. 


In this article, we have curated the five best ways to use the social network to promote your real estate business on Facebook. Read on to know more about them. 


Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are not only cost effective, but are also influential. Facebook marketing through ads is one of the best ways to promote real estate business and expand its visibility. Plus, with Facebook introducing multiple types of ad formats, creating and designing stellar visual ads for real estate businesses is the best marketing hack to use. You can showcase house interiors or locality in a single image, as a collection, a slideshow, through carousel ads or even as a video. When it comes to real estate, there is no undermining the value of visuals and photography and Facebook Ads allow you to put this feature to full use.  


Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace is a one stop destination for social media users to explore and buy products right within the Facebook app. This feature has a specific category called ‘Housing’ which is meant particularly for real estate. If you have a real estate business, then this is the place for you to list the homes that you wish to put on sale or rent. 


This feature is extremely easy to set up. All you have to do is click on the ‘Sell Something’ option below the Marketplace menu in your Facebook account. Now simply navigate through the simple steps necessary to set up a listing on Facebook. You can set a specific location along with your listing as well so that only people looking for houses in that location will see the listing. 


Set Up a Facebook Business Page


Creating a Facebook business page for your real estate business can be helpful in many ways. When people come across a particular brand or business, they are most likely to take to social media to search more about them. This can be a deal striking boon for your business. By setting up a Facebook business page, you can succinctly tell your audience what you do, with whom you are associated with and your unique identity as a brand.


You can add location, opening hours, contact information, direct links to your website or any other landing page that showcases the property that you deal in. To top up the appeal of your Facebook business page, you can add a high resolution profile and cover photo that displays your logo, or house interiors etc.. To keep your audience engaged, you can also set up a blog and link it to your business page on Facebook. 


Facebook Live


This is one of the latest features offered by Facebook and can be of particular interest to people in the real estate business. Facebook marketing by going live can generate a large number of leads within a short period of time. 


You can use Facebook Live to conduct walk-in tours of a house that you are trying to sell or setting for rent, host a live Question and Answer session and encourage prospective buyers to ask you questions on challenges they are facing in finding a perfect home, or simply put across tips of selecting and buying properties for your followers.  


Do not forget to promote your Facebook Live session multiple times on various platforms before conducting one. 


Allow Reviews


Reviews are the best Facebook marketing hack. What better promotion is there for any business other than the experience of its past customers? For promoting your real estate business on Facebook, make sure to ask your previous clients to post a word of appreciation as a review on your Facebook business page. 


Alternately, you can also post happy customer stories as posts. Reviews however, are more effective as most people specifically check out the Reviews section before approaching a particular business. Keep in mind that all the reviews on your Facebook page should be genuine and authentic and must not be from fake profiles. 

Positive reviews are a great way to build trust and authenticity among potential buyers who are looking for similar services that you offer, as they are likely to consider your business after reading satisfactory reviews. 


Pro Tip: As a real estate business, you ought to invest in high quality, sophisticated, professional photography of locations, housing facilities, interiors and design. This is because it is primarily through photographs that people first get an impression of what kinds of housing properties you have on offer for sale or rent. 

So after becoming familiar with the potential of Facebook marketing to promote your real estate business, be sure to get more leads and lead conversions as well. If rightly implemented, your marketing plans would show effective results and you can sit back to see your real estate business thrive more than ever.