50+ British Muslim organisations unite in protest against “genocide” of Uyghurs by Chinese Communist Party 

uyghurs protest
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London, 11th November 2021: A first of its kind coalition of over 50 British Muslim organisations is holding a demonstration on Saturday 13th November in both London and Manchester, as part of a weekend of protests across the globe. 

The coalition, which will protest outside the Chinese embassy in London and the Chinese consulate in Manchester from 12:30 pm, demands the CCP halt its genocidal policies and close down the concentration camps immediately in China’s Xinjiang province (formally the Republic of East Turkestan).

Under the campaign banner, Stand4Uyghurs, the coalition aims to raise awareness and channel people towards effective action to help the millions of Uyghur Muslims imprisoned and tortured in so-called “re-education” camps run by the CCP. 

Abdulhakim Idris, one of the leaders of the Uyghur diaspora globally, said, “The CCP has killed more than 60 million of its own citizens during its reign. The systematic genocide against Uyghur Muslims is just one in a long line of death and state terror. The global Uyghur diaspora called on all people to use their voices to make this known to the world on this weekend in particular, and we are grateful to all those standing up and doing their part.”

Campaign coordinator, Chief Editor of Islam21c, Dr Salman Butt, said, “More and more people are finding out about the horrific treatment of the Uyghurs, but not many people know what to do to help them. This longer-term campaign aims to tackle three issues: motivate people by highlighting examples of how powerful their voice is; inform them with accurate information of who the Uyghurs are and what is happening to them; then channelling them towards effective action. Demonstrations like this Saturday’s are a rare opportunity to show moral support to Uyghurs and other oppressed minorities on a weekend which they themselves have reached out to us to make a stand on. It is the least we can do.”

Moazzam Begg, Outreach director for CAGE said, “As someone who has been fighting against oppressive state policies over the past two decades, let’s be under no illusions. China has openly used the language of the ‘War on Terror’ and, similarly co-opted many Muslim nations into complicity or tacit approval. We have all stood in large numbers for the rights of others who have been oppressed. It is now time to also stand for Uyghurs.”