A Book on 14 management techniques authored by the Alumni of Al JameatusSaifiyah gets released at their Alma Mater by the hands of the Mayor of Surat

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20 July 2019, Pune: Convention is on thefield taskforce use established management techniques to enhance their efficiencies. Paradox to this norm,theseindividuals independently indulged in studying their own work environment, got clues therefrom,and tested the initial findings by structured exploration, reached to the concrete findings and developed management tool / technique. As a result of their tireless toil, came 7Cs of effective management and 7 Dimension for entrepreneurship development!

This compilation has something significant for the organizations at any stage: start-ups to well established MNCs. It offers distinct perspective on 4 major functions of Management which: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling.Anyone would be dumbfound to know that these individuals, with no formal exposure to professional writing, are simple (but not ordinary) employees of SigatulMazaraat, AlvazaratusSaifiyah and are alumni of Al JameatusSaifiyah Academy –an acclaimed Education Academy.

These tools and techniques were assimilated; thus giving birth to a book titled as ‘A book on Management Techniques’. All these writers expressed their willingness that the book release to happen at Al JameatusSaifiyahAcademy. Respecting their bonding with their roots, the book release happened in the inaugural function on 16th July 2019. To grace the occasion, as the chief guest and the guest of honour, present were Dr. Jagdish Patel and Mr. Nirav Shah – Mayor and Dy. Mayor of Surat. A proud moment for alma mater!

Designated eminent personalities from varied fields critically analyzed the book and expressed that they could sense the distinct shift in approach from ‘Theoretical to Contemporary’. They unanimously opined that the book ought to be made publically available. The take of Mr. Anand Munshi, a Leadership Coach and a renowned TEDx speaker was the same opinion, he too was present at the function.

Mesmerized by the creation and astonished to know that these writers work for long hours a day; the leadership team at Dnyansagar Institute of Management & Research –DIMR (affiliated with SP Pune University and AICTE, New Delhi)expressed their benevolence / compassion and volunteered to groom the individuals into ‘Researchers’. The noted researcher Dr. Sajid Alvi (Director DIMRpune; also member of Board of Studies of SP Pune University, Pune.) and renowned trainer Prof. Iftekar Khan fine-tuned the skills of these individuals and trained them on writing research papers. The result was nothing short of amazement: All the research papers so written are published globally in renowned listed Management Journal.

These alumni of Al JameatusSaifiyah, currently associated with SigatulMazaraat dedicate this book to His Holiness Dr. SayednaAaliqadarMufaddal Saifuddin TUS and believe that this would not have been possible but for the direct or indirect contribution from all in SigatulMazaraat Team. All sincerely believe that the true catalyst has been the ongoing encouragement, guidance and support they received from Shk. AbdealyBhanpurawla. Shk. Abdealy trusts that the magnitude of success depends upon the strength of self-belief and is delighted to see his teammates raising their thinking canopy. As a mentor, with a proud feeling he mentioned that he always believed in the potential of his team and they proved it right. The achievement speaks itself about the capabilities and a true display of teamwork; he gracefully commented.True team players as they are: They indeed feel that it is the success of SigatulMazaraat Team and they represent SigatulMazaraat and their alma mater: Al JameatusSaifiyah. In their own words: “We thank SigatulMazaraat and Al JameatusSaifiyah for providing us this platform to express our academic skills. Every bit of our skills and knowledge is a bounty of Al JameatusSaifiyah where we got nourished.”

While the people from different parts of the world are congratulating these 16 employees cum authors cum researchers; with allhumility these 16 people say that this is just a beginning!