Accident Insurance Claim Rejected For Bike With Above 150 CC Engine

road accident
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Ludhiana (Punjab), 24th October 2021: Harvansh Kaur, a resident of Ludhiana, has claimed that HDFC Ergo has rejected an insurance claim after the accidental death of her relative. The company denied the claim saying that the person was riding a 346 cc bike, and accordingly the claim can not be accepted.

The accident happened on 19 April 2020. The relative of the deceased applied for an insurance claim and the insurance company sent them a letter saying that according to the insurance rule the claim is only accepted when the bike or a scooter is less than 150 cc capacity. Therefore the claim was denied.

This letter was posted on social media by Delhi based Rajeev Mehta and it has gone viral. He also appealed to citizens how insurance companies deny the claims and people should carefully, check terms and conditions before buying any insurance.