Acupuncture is a divine gift to heal mankind: Dr Mobina Khan

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Dr Mobina Khan is nationally acclaimed Acupuncture and Hijama specialist who into practising acupuncture and Hijama therapy in Pune for more than a decade. 

Widely respected for her qualities of head , heart  and a humane approach in patient care, Dr Khan was born in a village in Rajasthan and later  moved to Libya at a very tender age of 2 or 3 years. She  grew up and studied in Libya , has travelled widely and Iinteracted with the tribals traditional treatment in the host country and their way of treatment which obviously was quite different from the accepted medical practices. Such treatments were limited to only a few countries in Africa and Libya was one of them. Her family used to get treated with those traditional methods.The Mediterranean climate did not suit her mother particularly and she needed constant medical care. During the time of treatment, she was impressed as to how these traditional methods worked. She secretly wished to learn them one day.

After her return to India, Mobina went to Dharamshala in search of alternative therapy and interacted with the monks there and learnt Acupuncture also. She has a Diploma in Acupuncture, Masters in Acupuncture and is  pursuing a Ph.D in Acupuncture. She also has Diploma in Bio-medicine and is a  Member of Global Alternative Medical Association and All India Alternative Medical Association. Dr Khan is a student of Hijama Nation, a Society based in London which teaches Hijama.  She has submitted some of her  successful cases to them and those case studies have been published on their website. It is said that only one condition cannot be cured by Hijama – death!

Q) How did you become interested in acupuncture?

Ans-While in Libya, I had seen some tribals doing treatment with cups, fire and needles which got me interested. Being young at that stage, I had forgotten about it and then while studying for Acupuncture I became aware of wet cupping and then I started researching about Hijama. A combination of Acupuncture and Hijama/ wet cupping gave far better results to my patients than Acupuncture or Hijama alone.

Q) Who all have been your source of inspiration for your career ?

Ans-The tribals in Libya themselves were an inspiration and the effect that their treatment had on my body. I never liked to consume the medicines. To be truthful, I did not have the normal immunisation that all the children had in their childhood. As I began Acupuncture and Hijama, my patients became my inspiration as I saw them leading a normal life.

Q) What have been the key achievements in your career so far ?

Ans- I must have successfully treated several cases, including cancer patients. One gentleman was told that he would not live for more than 8 days and he came to me on the 5th day. After a continuous treatment of 5 months, his Medical Reports did not show any signs of cancer. Another person aged 84 came to me with stage 5 Prostrate cancer. With dedicated treatment his PSA count drop to 0.4 from 1000. A 13 year old girl came to me with Lupus disease which is an auto-immune disease in which the cells start attacking themselves. Her treatment is still on after 10 months. Her condition has improved remarkably. One person was sent back from the Hospital stating that he had Liver failure and had few days to live. It’s been three years now and the person is hale and hearty. One boy came to me with a tumour on his Liver. After the treatment, the Reports showed no sign of tumour. Mr. Subash Sanas had vertigo which was cured within 15 days of treatment. Mr. Yusuf Kapasi was on sleeping pills for years due to his working schedule. With 2 months of treatment, he started leaving a normal life. Mr. Rajiv Kapoor also gets treated for his well being and general de-toxification.

Q) Which role do you enjoy the most in the field of patient care ?Ans-Actually, the whole process – from diagnosis to an ailment free person – is a challenge. For me, a person is a diseased body and my aim is to make that person live happily. I am a friend at times, mother at some other and a teacher too. No one single role is fulfilling.


Q) How has acupuncture contributed to the society ?

Ans-Acupuncture is an alternative medicine which has existed for more than 5000 years now and still exists and helping the mankind with its benefits. The modern life is too fast paced, too stressful and too demanding and intoxicating. Today we see that the humans are looking for ways of the past to deal with the demands of modern life. And Acupuncture also fits the bill.

Q) How does acupuncture stand different from other branches of medicine ?

Ans-Human body becomes diseased when the flow of energy is restricted. Acupuncture opens up these channels and restores the balance of the energy in the body – Yin (female energy) and Yang (male energy). Acupuncture is not invasive and does not introduce anything foreign in the body except of course the needle. It has no known side effects – Acupuncture either works or it does not work.

Q) Is it possible to root out any illness of human body with the help of acupuncture ?

Ans- Yes, it is. Again Acupuncture alone may not be that effective and has to be complimented with other sciences. For example, I use Hijama as a complimentary aid which is another alternative therapy. I specialise in mainly immunity related diseases.

Q) What kind of treatments do you specialize and how has been the patient response to these treatments ?

 Ans-I specialise mainly in the immunity related diseases.


Q) Which are your favourite tools for treating patients ?

 Ans- All of them. I do not have much choice as there a few that are used.

Q) What are your future professional goals ?

Ans-I want to reach out to as many people as I can by opening Hospitals, have branches. The kind of results that I have experienced are immensely encouraging. I want to see Acupuncture and Hijama to get the same kind of recognition that other branches of medicines are getting. I want the Government agencies to encourage these alternative methods of treatments. I want to open an Academy where I can teach people what I do.

Q) Please explain the concept of Hijama and how is it beneficial to the society at large ?

Hijama is practised in Muslim world and is like wet cupping in Chinese medicine. It involves creating a vacuum by taking a fireball inside cup which causes a suction of superficial level of skin and that area is then pricked by a needle and the vacuumed cup is again placed on the pricked area and blood oozes out into the cup. Hijama facilitates removal of toxic blood, rejuvenates creation of new blood cells and releases endorphins. It is said that Hijama is a cure for all illnesses except death!

Q)Can you list out some of the common myths of acupuncture profession ?

Ans-I have found people being scared of needles. No one wants to experience pain therefore probably popping a pill is so much easier. But no pain, no gain!

Q) How can acupuncture be used for the betterment of humanity ?

Ans-The very fact that Acupuncture is still around even after 5000 years later speaks of its potency. Acupuncture is not being taught as compared to any other form of medicine. One would rarely find a course in India. There should be more practitioners and it should be a part of the Medical Association curriculum.