After Rise In COVID Cases, Lockdown Declared In The UK

Boris Johnson
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New Delhi, 5 January 2021: On Monday, UK Prime Minister Borris Johnson announced the lockdown in the country due to the new strain of Coronavirus. The decision was taken after the emergency cabinet meeting.

Medical experts of the UK government had expressed concern over the proliferation of the new Corona variant. In the UK, death has increased by 20 percent due to the new Coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the evidence of a new coronavirus strain was found in the UK several weeks ago, due to which this strict lockdown has been imposed in the country. It is spreading rapidly, and more than 60 percent of people have been affected in London.

The new lockdown implemented in the country will probably continue till mid-February. The lockdown will be similar to the previous lockdown, which was imposed from late March to June. All schools, colleges, and universities will be closed. People have to stay in their homes and will be allowed to leave only for the necessary work.

People can go out of their homes to buy essential goods, and if they are unable to work from home, they can go to the office. All non-essential shops and personal care services such as hairdressers will remain closed, and restaurants will only provide takeout services.

A new strain of the Coronavirus has reached other countries of the world. In India, about 40 cases have been reported. In China, A 23-year-old girl who returned to Shanghai from Britain was found infected by the new strain. A 30-year-old man has been found infected by the new strain in America. Four cases have also been identified in Sweden. This new strain of the virus was first detected in the UK in December and reached many countries. It is said to be 70 percent more contagious and has taken a dangerous form in many African countries.