Ahmed Shehzad Faces Backlash Over Brad Pitt Biopic Remark

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9th January 2024: Ahmed Shehzad, Pakistan’s opening batsman, has recently sparked controversy with his latest statement, joining the list of Pakistani cricket players known for making peculiar comments. A video surfaced on social media featuring Ahmed expressing his desire to be portrayed by Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt in his biopic. Consequently, Ahmed has faced severe trolling and criticism on various online platforms due to this declaration.

In a recent video circulating on social media, Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shehzad was asked a question about his choice for the lead actor in a biographical film about himself. Without hesitation, Ahmed promptly named Hollywood veteran Brad Pitt. Notably, Ahmed’s swift response drew laughter from the interviewer, but it also triggered intense trolling directed at him. Users on social media platforms ridiculed Ahmed, suggesting he focus on achieving notable milestones before harboring dreams of a biopic. Some comments questioned his knowledge by sarcastically questioning his understanding of Brad Pitt’s name, among other critiques. Ahmed faced widespread mockery for his aspirations, reflecting the disapproval surrounding his statement.

Brad Pitt, a celebrated figure in Hollywood, is renowned for his prolific career in the film industry. The 60-year-old English actor has left an indelible mark through his involvement in several notable movies such as ‘Bullet Train,’ ‘Fight Club,’ ‘Troy,’ ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ ‘Seven,’ and ‘World War Z.’ Pitt’s esteemed reputation as one of Hollywood’s top actors contrasts starkly with the context of Ahmed Shehzad’s wish to be portrayed by him, further fueling the backlash and mockery directed at the cricketer’s statement.