Aim To Make Pune A Hub For Alternative Fuel Vehicles; Pune Alternative Fuel Conference From 2nd to 5th April

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Pune, 22nd March 2022: Pune, an important hub of the automotive industry in the country, has now organized a ‘Pune Alternative Fuel Conference’ to become an epicentre for vehicles on alternative fuels. The conference, which will be held from April 2 to 5, will see the first electric vehicle ride on April 3, with an exhibition of vehicles on alternative fuels.



The conference has been organized by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, and Maratha Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) on the initiative of the state government.



An exhibition of electric, hydrogen and biofuel vehicles will be held at Sinchannagar ground from April 2 to 5. Vehicles of reputed companies will be on display, new vehicles will be introduced. Admission to the exhibition is free of cost. The conference will focus on the future of transportation in India, increasing the production of electric vehicles, investing in future transportation, investing in new transport facilities.



MCCIA Director-General Prashant Girbane said, “while the transition to sustainable, clean, and green transport was taking place, it was important for the state government to take the initiative and hold a conference on alternative fuels in Pune. In the vehicle exhibition, citizens of Pune will be able to see and buy different vehicles.”



“The vehicle registration facility has been made available on the spot itself. This conference is important to make Pune’s position as a city of alternative fuel vehicles more prominent in the country. It is hoped that this conference will be more comprehensive and important in the years to come”, he added further.



Minister of Environment Aditya Thackeray said, “The state government has recently announced a policy on electric vehicles to promote electric vehicles. Maharashtra state has the highest number of electric vehicles in the country. In the last few months, it is seen that sales of electric vehicles in the state have increased by 153%.”



He further added “In the future, Pune’s economy should run on electric vehicles. This opportunity will not be missed as the green industry grows around the world. With the idea that jobs should be created in new areas, the Alternative Fuel Council should be the Pune Council. It should be a conference that gives direction to the automobile sector.”



Thackeray informed that there is a need to raise awareness about vehicles on electric and alternative fuels. The active participation of the citizens of Pune is important. “All the vehicles in the administration including the state government will be electric by 2025. There are plans to create an app for electric vehicles across the state in the near future”, he explained further.