AirAsia India Resumes In-Flight Food & Beverage Service

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National, 26th October, 2020: AirAsia India announced the resumption of in-flight meal service, following relaxations in regulatory guidelines issued by the government. The airline has extended its in-flight dining experience options to pre-booked orders. AirAsia India’s in-flight menu offers the widest range of hot meals in the sky, with nine delectable vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, eggetarian and jain meal options for guests, in addition to sandwiches and dessert add-ons.

AirAsia India will also serve complimentary 200ml Aava disposable water bottles to guests on request. Aava is obtained directly from protected natural sources and adheres to International Quality Standards and eco-friendly practices. It is naturally pure, does not go through any chemical processes or reverse osmosis and is India’s only alkaline mineral water with a pH of 8+. Aava uses recyclable PET containers which are 100% BPA free and contamination free, which can be further recycled into fabric, yam, clothes and car components.

AirAsia India has a dedicated section of its in-flight menu, called ‘Pioneer’s Pick’, inspired by JRD Tata’s favourites, including a marinated grilled fillet of fish with lemon butter sauce, mashed potato and sautéed vegetables and a cheddar cheese omelette with parsley potato and beetroot cutlet. In addition to JRD’s favourites, the meals include an innovative Vegan Moilee MasterCurry (with tofu, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini, served with raw mango and coconut rice), curated exclusively by Masterchef Kirti Bhoutika for the 2020 AirAsia India in-flight menu. During the lockdown, as part of AirAsia India’s celebrations of the 116th birth anniversary of JRD Tata, the father of Indian Civil Aviation, the airline home delivered specially curated meals inspired by JRD’s favourites to customers and patrons.

Acknowledged for its premiere safety standards, AirAsia India caters its in-flight meals from the reputed SkyGourmet and TajSATS Air Catering, maintaining the highest standards of presentation, cleanliness, and hygiene with strict adherence to HACCP and FSSAI guidelines on food safety and hygiene.