Amanora launches ‘Jalmitra Abhiyan’ initiative to save water

Maids and Car washers at the training program of Jalmitra Abhiyan held at Amanora Park Town
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Pune, July 22, 2019: During the summer season there is a lot of hue and cry over scarcity of water. However, during the monsoon the uproar fades away even though water conservation is crucial throughout the year. Keeping that in mind, the Amanora Yess Foundation along with NGO, Sevavardhini has taken an innovative and concrete step to conserve water in the city by initiating an ambitious project called ‘Jalmitra Abhiyan’.

The project was launched on Sunday July, 21st, 2019 at Amanora township with Kalash Poojan. Shruti Marathe, film actress, Aniruddha Deshpande, Founder Director, Amanora Yess Foundation and Kishor Desai, ExecutivePresident, Sevavardhini, were present on the occasion.

Under the project, the Amanora Yess Foundation will involve and train about 1800 persons including house maids and car-washers employed at Amanora township and make them the ambassadors of water conservation who will take up the task of saving water everyday at the township.

“We have been recycling 25 lakh litres of water everyday at Amanora since past 8 years and that motivated us to do something more. Accordingly, we launched this project to save the precious liquid. Considering that, we along with a water NGO ‘Sevavardhini’ have pledged to save 10-12 lakh litres of water everyday by involving maids and car-washers, who will then motivate others to do the same. Working as ‘Ambassadors of Water Conservation’, it will be a matter of pride and honour for them. We’ll initially start the project from places including Hadapsar, Mundhwa and Keshavnagar in Eastern Pune,” said Aniruddha Deshpande Founder Director, Amanora Yess Foundation in a Press Conference held today.

“About 1000 maids and car washers attended the first training session out which we chose ‘100 champions’ and ‘50 masters. Each master in turn will then train 2 champions, who will then train 20 others and so on. Through that, we are aiming to save 50 lakh litres of water per day in the next six months. Training sessions under this drive will train the maids and the car washers about water saving techniques while doing daily household work. Such training sessions will take place once in a month for next 3 months,”Aniruddha Deshpande added.

He said that Amanora Yess Foundation in future will also take the initiative of installing water metres in all the major societies in Hadapsar, Mundhwa and Keshavnagar to gauge the usage and accumulation of water.

“The metres will be installed entirely at our own cost and they will us measure how much water is being used and saved per society. The society that uses minimum amount of water will be acknowledged,” said Deshpande.

Sevavardhini has beenworking in the field of water conservation inrural India and for the first time it has launched the Jalmitra Abhiyan by involving maids, who will pledge tosave water everyday.