Amazon To Soon Begin Layoff Process Of 20,000 Employees

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New Delhi, 5th December 2022: Today (December 5), it has come to light that Amazon could Layoff up to 20,000 Amazon employees, which is more than double the number that was previously estimated.


This layoff would affect workers from distribution centers, IT professionals, and corporate executives. According to reports, the layoffs will occur in the upcoming months.


Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, recently acknowledged that the company is getting ready to lay off workers in several departments. However, he did not mention a specific number. The New York Times was informed by a few unnamed corporate sources in November that the company intended to fire 10,000 workers.


However, according to a recent source, this number has climbed, and Amazon wants to terminate employees at all levels, including those who hold the most senior jobs. According to the quoted source, “The firm managers have been instructed to evaluate employees’ work performance so that Amazon can begin the process of laying off roughly 20,000 people.”


The e-commerce giant would lay off 6% of its corporate staff and roughly 1.3% of its 1.5 million employees, including global distribution center and hourly workers.


The CEO of Amazon recently stated that the layoff process would last for a few months and that the affected employees would be informed once the company had completed its assessment.