Amit Aggarwal is all set for his first Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2020

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Mumbai, 24 January 2020: Season-on-season, Lakmé has introduced trendsetting themes which have turned into backdrops for spectacular Finales. Themes such as Free Your Lips, Matte Reinvent and Shades of a Diva have inspired Finales to become the perfect end to the 5- days of fashion. And, the Summer/Resort 2020 edition will be bigger than ever as futuristic designer, Amit Aggarwal gears up to present his latest collection, AXIL at his first ever Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale.

Lakmé’s theme for the season, #BetterIn3D will explore a new, unseen dimension of beauty & fashion. Amit Aggarwal, a designer who has constantly pushed the envelope of creativity will showcase a collection which will be a rendition of this theme.

Amit’s collection will be an embodiment of his signature style of futuristic biomimicry that encourages one to think beyond the present. The designs will be symbolic of the modern woman who is strong yet gentle, who is structured yet free- flowing. Razor-sharp constructions will meet intricate patterns using unusual polymers woven into a fabric to create 3D forms through embroidery. Rich fabrics in the many Greens of Ivy, Dusted Mauves, Violets of Thistle, Rich Berry Red of Amarantham and Silver Birch will glide through light and shadow to present a palette of contrasts. Every detail of this collection will be designed to empower the human form; front zips, structured chiffons, ripped tulle and water finished fabrics in flowing organza, these intricate details will celebrate the tale of harmonious co-existence of natural and manmade.

“AXIL was built from the amalgamation of independence and coexistence. To me, AXIL is a vision of the future as we each see it. Every garment is designed to bring alive your visions of the world as it should be – the world as it will be when the generations ahead of us embrace it and all creation. I look forward to showcasing a visual representation of Lakmé’s theme of #BetterIn3D which is truly synonymous with my style and ethos.”, said Amit Aggarwal, Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale Designer for Summer/ Resort 2020.

Talking about the association, Ashwath Swaminathan, Head of Innovations, Lakmé said, “This season, our theme, #BetterIn3D, is about unveiling the future of beauty & fashion while bringing out a new dimension in you. We are excited to partner with Amit and witness his interpretation of Lakmé’s theme through futuristic designs.”