Anjali Arora Rumored to Enter Bigg Boss 17 House

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25th November 2023: The Bigg Boss house is already buzzing with intense gameplay, and now rumors hint at a potential twist with the entry of Anjali Arora. The ongoing 17th season of Bigg Boss has been consistently delivering excitement, surprising the audience with new developments each day. Speculation suggests that the internet sensation, Anjali Arora, is poised to make her entry into the Bigg Boss house, possibly through a wild card entry. Although Anjali’s name was initially not on the contestant list, it seems the dynamics of the game are about to change with her anticipated arrival.

Anjali Arora’s potential entry is anticipated to inject a fresh wave of excitement into the show, leaving viewers eager to witness her performance within the Bigg Boss house. Recently, Orhaan, also known as Auri, made a wild card entry, setting the precedent for Anjali Arora’s potential introduction. Anjali has prior experience in reality shows and has previously appeared on Kangana Ranaut’s show, ‘Lock Up.’ Fans were initially disappointed when Anjali’s name was missing from the original list of contestants for Bigg Boss 17, but now the news suggests a wild card entry might bring her into the spotlight.

While Anjali Arora has yet to confirm or react to the ongoing discussions about her participation in Bigg Boss, speculations are rife that her entry could be a game-changer. Even Elvish Yadav hinted at Anjali Arora’s potential entry during a chat. Anjali had previously shared her views on Bigg Boss 17 contestant Ishi Malviya, praising her strength and character. As the house currently houses contestants like Mannara, Munavvar, Ankita, and others, the addition of Anjali Arora through a wild card entry is expected to shake things up further. The current roster includes two wild card contestants, Samarth Jurel and Orhaan, also known as Auri.