Apple Introduces New Feature to Prevent Motion Sickness in Cars

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Pune, 10th July 2024: Apple is set to launch iOS 18 with several new features, including a groundbreaking Vehicle Motion Cues feature aimed at preventing motion sickness for iPhone and iPad users. The company announced that this feature, available in the upcoming iOS update, will help users avoid motion sickness while traveling in a car. This update is currently in the developer beta phase and will be available to all users soon.

Apple is enhancing its accessibility features with the iOS 18 update, and one of the most notable additions is the Vehicle Motion Cues feature. This feature is designed to prevent motion sickness, a common problem among users who experience discomfort while using their devices in moving vehicles. The Vehicle Motion Cues feature will be especially beneficial for users prone to motion sickness.

Apple has developed the Vehicle Motion Cues feature based on extensive research on motion sickness. The research indicates that motion sickness in moving vehicles often arises from a mismatch between the static images users see on their iPhone or iPad screens and the motion their bodies feel. To address this issue, the Vehicle Motion Cues feature will add on-screen visuals that reflect the real-time movement of the car. This aims to reduce the sensory conflict that causes motion sickness.

When enabled, users will need to pay attention to small movement cues that appear at the edges of their device screens. If the auto setting is selected, these cues will automatically pop up in response to the body’s movements in the vehicle. Apple claims that this feature will significantly improve the user experience for those who frequently travel and use their devices in cars.

The new feature underscores Apple’s commitment to user accessibility and comfort, making the iOS 18 update a highly anticipated release. By addressing common issues like motion sickness, Apple continues to enhance its devices’ usability and user experience.