Are you a future diplomat ? Participate in Pune Model United Nations

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By Devina Karnik

Pune : Ever desire to know how delegates of countries interact on an international level? Wish to voice your opinions regarding world agendas? Ever dream about representing your country on an international platform?  If you see yourself in the shoes of a potential diplomat, Pune Model United Nations is the perfect platform to head start your dream!

A Model United Nations conference is a simulation or replica of the United Nations where students role play as delegates of different countries, serve on various UN committees discussing several agendas being discussed currently at the UN and attempt to come to a solution, a resolution acceptable to most.

MUNs began with Harvard University simulating the United Nations. Without access to complete UN protocols, they created their own procedure. Since then MUNs have either followed the Harvard procedure or made their own [procedure] till the United Nations conducted their own Model UN a few years ago. They provided conferences with a condensed, yet accurate version of the general rules of procedure followed in the General Assembly. This procedure, known as the UN4MUN procedure, is followed at Pune MUN.

Pune MUN came into being from this idea of our founder and president, Mr. Mayur Ahuja in his 2nd year of engineering with fellow co-founders, Mr. Aditya More and the then Secretary General Mr. Rudraneel Chattopadhyay. It began with the hope that it would be able to provide this experience to all the students all over the city. From 697 delegates in the first conference in Jan 2014 it has grown to 1170 delegates in the Jan 2016 conference.Spreading this concept of MUNning, the Pune MUN also conduct smaller school level conferences. They now aim at being able to continue this in other cities across the country – anywhere where there are willing participants.

 ‘As a part of our social footprint, we forward our conference proceeds to various causes like the Nepal Relief Fund (UNICEF), hunger eradication (World Food Programme) et al. Youth For Youth, another initiative by Pune MUN, works to ‘Encourage, Educate and Empower’ the youth today. The overwhelming support that we have received from schools and universities not only in Pune is what has kept this conference growing at a steady rate and we hope to do many more such conferences ahead. All reports and resolutions are forwarded to the United Nations Information Center, New Delhi. It is up to their discretion if they wish to forward them to various organs within the United Nations’ structure. For us, the presence or absence of a resolution does not mean that the committee failed to achieve its objective. It is more that the discussion was inconclusive. Our aim is for this to be a learning opportunity for our delegates where they get to experience different decisions that are made at levels of socio-political organisation and how it impacts others.’, says one of team members.

A conference such as this imparts various skills to its delegates, most of which aren’t taught in school. It teaches them to think on their feet, rationalise their arguments, forces them to consider situations from multiple views, improves their speaking skills, diplomacy skills to name a few. Academically, Model UN conferences help with researching and compiling skills. A certificate from an MUN conference, especially one stamped by the UNIC carries weight in one’s résumé.

‘Pune MUN helps to raise awareness about world issues because all of our agendas are extremely relevant to all the current problems plaguing the world. When you put yourself in the position where you’re the delegate of a country, you’re actually trying to figure out how to solve something from someone else’s perspective. This gives you an insider’s point of view which makes you look at things differently, not just as a victim but as someone who tries to resolve it.’, says Kavya Prasad, a member of the Organising Committee, who’s been working with the Pune MUN since last year.

‘The concept of MUN is still new to many students. So, we’ve been approaching schools and conducting orientations to given them an overview of what the Pune MUN is all about. The Pune MUN is way different than normal debates and group discussions. The chance to represent a country and put forth your opinions in front of a committee enhances the confidence, diplomatic skills and public speaking skills of the students. I especially advise school children to start participating in MUNs so that they gain enough experience by the time they reach their higher classes and have an edge over others.’, says Kshitij Kumar Pandey, a member of the organising committee who’s been working with the Pune MUN for about two years.

Rushabh Nahar, another member of the organising committee who’s been working with the Pune MUN for about a year and a half now says that Pune MUN helps shaping your personality on a different level. ‘It makes you more approachable towards others and improvises your general knowledge and speaking skills and helps you to keep yourself updated about current affairs. Working with the Pune MUN has changed me for the best. I’ve always enjoyed my work It has helped me break out of my shell and has made me more confident than ever.’

So all aspiring debaters, speakers, researchers, diplomats out there, let your voices be heard at the Pune Model United Nations conference on the 7th and 8th January, 2017. Registrations now open! Register via

Hurry up! This is your chance to make a difference!