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Pune – On 12 July 16, at around 06.00 PM, SAVE OUR SOUL (SOS) call was received by Army Flood Relief Control Room, Devlali from Mr Radhakrishnan B, District Collector, Nashik regarding assistance required to rescue three persons stranded on an island inside Kadva River at village Kundewadi, Taluka-Niphad, Dist-Nashik.  A flood relief column of Indian Army located at Devlali was launched immediately. Well led flood relief operations which includes quick mobilisation, detailed reconnaissance and planning on site, coordination with civil administration and expeditious rescue effort resulted in saving life of three persons stranded on the island.

Since last week due to the onset of monsoon, Nashik received heavy rainfall and hence water level in all rivers and nalas started to rise.  Kundewadi village is located on banks of Kadva River in Niphad Taluka of Nashik District.  On 12 July 16, at a round 05.30 PM, calls were received by Flood Relief Control Room of Army at Devlali that three persons were stranded at an island inside Kadva River at village Kundewadi, Niphad (Nashik).  The Army quickly mobilised the flood relief column located at Devlali and reached the location at 09.30 PM.  Initial reconnaissance, coordination with civil administration and locals was carried out and a rescue team was formed which involved both Army persons and persons from civil administration.  The rescue team physically moved across the water channel with help of rope and human chain to establish a crossing across to the first island by 11.30 PM.  Meanwhile, the flow of water from Phalkhed dam was controlled by civil authorities to regulate the water current.  Subsequently a boat ferry (without motor) was established for ferrying additional manpower and stores across the first island.  Same boat was then moved forward with help of ropes to second island and the stranded persons were rescued and brought to the river bank.  The rescue operation lasted for about 10 hours which resulted in saving of valuable lives of three villagers.