Around 3.25 lakh fishers are insured under Nil Kranti Yojana

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Mumbai, 5 September, 2019: Around 3 lakh 24 thousand fishers have got themselves secured and insured through Nil Kranti Yojana (Blue Revolution Mission). The objective of this scheme is to create integrated development for fisheries, increase in fish production and welfare of fishers. In the last 3 years, Rs. 53.21 crore has been spent on Nil Kranti Yojana (Blue Revolution Mission).

Nil Kranti Yojana (Blue Revolution Mission) gave a big boost to fisheries sector. Around, four thousand 613 beneficiaries have been benefited. Under cage fishing system, 218 beneficiaries were allocated two thousand 605 cages. Security alert systems (Distress Alert Transmitter- DAT) were provided to two thousand 664 fishers. One thousand 769 beneficiaries’ reaped benefits of savings and aid scheme.

In three years, 1200 beneficiaries’ were trained in fisheries. Under Nil Kranti Yojana (Blue Revolution Mission) boat and netting were distributed, Indian major carp fishing plant, ice factory, fishery factory, construction of new fisheries, shingle with auto rickshaw, shovel with motor cycle, house construction etc. These schemes were given financial assistance.