Artistic Environs Add Relish to the Victuals at the Restro-Bar at The Art House Cafe

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9 AUG 2019, New Delhi, Delhi, India
Mixing a drink and giving it a different flavor each time is an art, and when tasteful beverages are served amidst artistic surroundings and artists, it adds to the taste of the food and drink.

The world-renowned Connaught Circus in the centre of the national capital is dotted with cafes and restaurants offering various cuisines. The area largely still bears a colonial look since it was designed around a hundred years earlier. But recent initiatives have been made to give it a more global and glocal look – that attempts to give it both an international and Indian flavour.

One innovative idea is that of curating artworks from around 37 international artists and over 50 Indian young artists at one single venue that is both an art gallery and a restro-bar: Rara The Art House Café which boasts of being a paradise for those who love art and wish to enjoy it with their pint and peg or a cuppa. One can not only enjoy indulging in art but even buy the artwork on display. The price of paintings starts from Rs 5,000 and can go up to millions depending on the artists.

Varun Monga, who came up with a unique concept around the end of last year, today offers not only original Indian and international art pieces but even offers facilities to those inclined to put their ideas on canvas.

With decades of experience in the world of arts, crafts and antiques, the Delhi-based Varun says his endeavour is to provide a platform to people in the Capital who love art over wine and cheese, or food and drinks with impeccable taste and variety.

Thus The Art House Café is committed to promote arts and crafts, thus bringing in the much-needed cheer among Capital’s art connoisseurs and aficionados.

Accompanied by good food, coffee and wine, The Cafe has already curated more than 100 works of Indian and international artists in the last few months.

Works on display are artists from various school of thoughts. And the works are on sale as well. The proceeds go to the artists.

Housed right in the heart of Cannaught Place, the café attracts immediate attention with its simplistic yet tasteful work. High ceiling, hanging lights and paintings in the walls, the decor of the cafe is minimalistic and classy. The artful interior symbolises Monga’s love for arts.

The cafe has a dedicated gallery space upstairs. Monga wants to turn this space into a place for holding painting workshops. Again, the idea is to create and provide opportunities to artists, says Monga.

In line with the unique idea and concept, the cafe is presenting a wine and painting experience for singles and couples, and a once-in-life-time opportunity to win works of art, this unique— with a date and romanticism, and of course wine and cheese, and cocktails and jazz.