As part of its brand-new weekend programming, Sony SAB brings iconic writer P. L. Deshpande alive on-screen with ‘Namune’

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Pune, July 17, 2018:
Moving beyond conventional storytelling Sony SAB has announced the launch of its new comedy show ‘Namune’ as part of its weekend programming. The show is based on the short stories of Purushottam Lakshman Deshpande, a Marathi writer and humorist,popularly and lovingly known by his initials ‘Pu.La’. Also an accomplished film and stage actor, scriptwriter, author,music composer,musician, singer and orator, he is often referred to as ‘Maharashtra’s beloved personality’.

Launching on Saturday, 21 July 2018 at 9 PM, this weekend show is all about inspiring viewers to find happiness around them. The stories revolve around Niranjan, played by Kunal Kumar, who is disappointed with his life and daily responsibilities. A pessimist by nature, he tries to find negativity and sadness in every aspect of his life. In a stark contrast, his wife Bhairavi (Toral Rasputra) is enthusiastic, chirpy and finds happiness in every small thing. Niranjan loves reading PuLa’s stories, and one day, to help Niranjan find the good in the bad, the legendary writer, portrayed by veteran actor Sanjay Mone, comes alive, visible only to Niranjan. Farida dadi,portrays the character of Kaushalya Agnihotri,Niranjan’s hypochondriac mother, who is forever engaged in a banter with her daughter-in-law. His children Kavya (SaloniDaini) and Lalit (Aryan Prajapati) will be seen playing pivotal roles. The story sees new twists when PuLa helps Niranjan overcome negativity with his sarcasm and humor, accompanied by characters from his writings.

Produced by Nitin Vaidya of Dashami Creations along with creative producers, Swapna WaghmareJoshi and Manish Raisinghani,Namune will see an array of seasoned actors from the industry. Jai Singh, recognized for his stellar craft is directing the show.


Neeraj Vyas, Sr. EVP & Head, Channel SAB

“Sony SAB provides happiness through its light hearted comedy shows, always aiming to bring forth new and refreshing content for its viewers. Pu.Lais a revered icon, not just of literature, but happiness, too. We have grown up reading his stories and even been inspired by them. We wanted to bring to our viewers the essence of this person who is celebratedby many. Namune is sure to be a treat.”

Nitin Vaidya, Producer – Dashami Productions

“It is an absolute privilege to bring alive the renowned characters of the Marathi legend P. L. Deshpande on-screen on Sony SAB. At Dashami Productions, we believe in shows that viewers can connect with and be inspired by. Namune is all that and more. Bringing an icon to life has been an emotional experience and one we will cherish forever.”

Catch ‘Namune’ starting 21st July, every Saturday and Sunday at 9PM only on Sony SAB

Cast Details – Namune

Sanjay Mone – P. L. Deshpande

Kunal Kumar – Niranjan Agnihotri

ToralRasputra – Bhairavi Agnihotri

Paresh Ganatra – Gampu