Attack On Journalist Nikhil Wagle, Pune City Police Issues Statement

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Pune, 10th February 2024: A day after senior journalist Nikhil Wagle was attacked by BJP workers, Pune City police has issued following statement:

“Nikhil Wagle had made a controversial post due to which the atmosphere in Pune was surcharged.


When Wagle reached Pune, our Police officers reached his place of stay and informed him about the surcharged atmosphere and told him not to leave for the venue till we advise so, since there were large number of agitationists around the venue. He was told that he should leave only after the process of detention of the agitationsts was complete.

A group of approx 25 agitationists were detained till around 6 pm and the process to detain more was on.

He still insisted to leave though the police tried to convince him to hold on for some time till we secure the area. He was also informed that due to heavy traffic on the streets, the process of detention was slow and was getting difficult to use force.

He left for the venue against our advise and infact dodged the Police by changing routes. Still our plain clothes men were following his car to keep him secured.

When the car was attacked, the plain clothes policemen were there between the agitationists and his car but due to heavy traffic and bystanders it was not possible to use force nor possible to evacuate him and his car on an immediate basis.

An offence has been registered against the accused involved in the incident under sections of rioting, damage to property etc. The process of arrests have started and strong action shall be taken by the Pune City Police against the accused persons.”